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 Complaints Procedure 
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Complaints Procedure

I've been censured or my post edited.

In general, we like to let all our members express themselves without fear of censure, but as we are a global community and allow anyone to access the non-adult areas and also unlimited access to the adult-areas for those 18 and older, we do ask everyone to abide by certain rules. These include specific titles for posting fictions and general behavioural rules when posting outside these areas.

Please check the following threads to make sure that you have not been edited or censured in line with our established rule-set.
General Behavioural Rules
Posting a Fiction
Posting Art
Ratings Rules
Spoiler Rules

Normally, moderators will inform you to remove/correct any issues via pm, but if left too long, or if it is a major issue, action may be taken at the time the moderator notices the issue.

If you believe you have been censured unfairly, please first contact the moderator in charge of the forum area in which the thread/post in question was placed. The names of the forum mods can be seen on the main forum page underneath the forum description. They will be able to explain why the censure took place and hopefully settle the issue.

If you still believe you have been censured unfairly after speaking to the moderators, then please contact JayCee, Site Owner, or ginchy, Global Moderator.

JayCee, as site owner and administrator, has the final word on all decisions, but may bring any complaints to public forum if she believes that an issue warrants review as the site grows.

I haven't been censured, I just don't like a particular rule.

If you have read the FAQ's and do not accept the reasoning behind a certain rule, please contact the moderator in charge of the affected area for more information.

If you believe a public review is warranted for a rule, please contact JayCee and she will decide if a public review is warranted. As site owner, she has the final say if new rules will be taken into affect but she will take on board any public requests before rendering a decision.

My thread with a complaint has been moved/deleted/locked.

Moderators have the right to delete or lock a thread which complains about a certain rule or censure placed. The thread may be locked so that others may view the complaint, and the answer from the moderator/administrator. The thread may be deleted if completely unwarranted to avoid congestion in the forums. Threads may me moved to New Republic Intelligence and locked for viewing.

Moderators should message the user with more information in regards to why the thread was locked/moved/deleted.

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 This topic is locked: you cannot edit posts or make replies.