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 [N] "Right Answer" - H/L [Shine] 
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Title: Right Answer
Author: ginchy
Disclaimer: I don’t own Han or Leia, or any of the situations. Just letting themhave some much deserved fun.
Rating: N - Nudity
Genre: Romance
Summary: Han and Leia’s… second time. LOL
Notes: Even, even more ginchy-shine! This is shine of RM’s wonderful “Padawannabe With Me”, this focusing on H/L’s wedding night. Thanks so much for letting me write this, lady--you know how much I loved your fic! So, here’s some H/L from ginchy--I know, I’m shocked, too!! Wink LOL I must say thank you to JayCee for writing the first 3 pages of this fic… I just couldn’t seem to start the fic, and with her help I finally managed to get it done. Thanks, lady!!

You can find RM's Padawannabe With Me and its prequel, Wake Up Little Padawan at TFN.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

“Well,” Han tapped a few buttons as they entered hyperspace, “we’ll be at the resort in a few hours.”

“This really is the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy,” the new Leia Skywalker-Solo giggled next to him.

“She’s not a piece of junk!” he quickly retorted with a pout.

She stood and leaned down to kiss him. “Come on, we both know you love this ship more than me.”

“That’s not true,” he groaned into her lips.

“Right answer,” she smiled and winked, then nipped at his bottom lip.

“Of course,” he grinned evilly, “if it came down to you or her…”

“You scoundrel!” she yelled in mock horror, slapping him playfully.

He pulled her into his lap, “That’s why you married me.”

“Among other things,” she managed to get out before his lips descended onto hers.

They stayed like that for a time until she pulled away, standing quickly. “You get her set on her course--and then meet me in our cabin.”

“Wouldn’t miss it,” he winked and she smiled brightly before disappearing out of the cockpit.

As he checked all his readouts and made sure she was flying true though hyperspace, he couldn’t stop smiling. He was married, and not just married, but to a beautiful Jedi Knight who was as deeply in love with him as he was with her.

Leaning back in his chair, Han rubbed his eyes. Could he be the man she needed? It wasn’t as if she needed a protector, she was a Jedi after all. He wasn’t much for talking, so he’d be a decent companion at best. As for the bedroom, well, he could brag, but in truth, what made him so special?

He was in love with her, that’s all he had to bring to the table.

But perhaps that’s all the mattered.

* * *

Leia let her hair down and debated if she should put it back up again. She already learned that Han loved to run his hands through it and snuggle into it.

She’d already learned a lot of things… They only lasted… well… Without an Obi-Wan to keep vigil, a father who knew that Han would make good, if anything out of fear, and the realization at how close they’d been to not being together by mere misunderstanding… They just hadn’t been able to stop themselves from being together--if only once.

Willing the red blush in her cheeks to go away, she knew that tonight was special even if she and Han had already been together. Tonight they completed the bond between them, and while it wasn’t a Force bond like her brother had with Mara, it was just as strong.

She had decided to wear the lacy white shift that Han had picked for her in Naughty and Nice while she shopped for Mara. Hopefully she would match the fantasy Leia he had pictured in his mind that day.

A nervous flutter in her stomach left her with a slight unease. She was by no means experienced in the matters of lovemaking. Her husband on the other hand…

How could she compare to women who came before?

“Beautiful,” a husky voice called to her and she turned around to see Han standing in the threshold of their cabin.

“Thank you,” she smiled, but she still felt almost like a crechling with her first crush.

She was definitely out of it because she didn’t even see or sense him come forward and kiss her. She started to respond but he caught her hesitance and pulled away. “You okay?”

“Fine,” she forced another smile.

“I knew it,” he shook his head and groaned. “I knew this would happen.”


“I should have had more self control,” he cupped her face in his hands. “We should have waited till tonight, with what it would have meant to you.”

“Oh,” she sighed in comprehension, blushing at his care of her. “That’s not it at all.”

“Leia?” he tilted his head in slight confusion, and when she didn’t answer he pulled her close. “If that’s not it, then tell me--what’s wrong?”

“I,” she sighed into his chest, “… did… do you… like me?”

“What kind of question is that?” he pushed her back to arms length, staring into her eyes. “I married you, I think I more than just like you.”

“I know, I…” she was never a bumbling fool, so why could this man reduce her to one? “I just… I haven’t had as much experience as some of… your… previous partners.”

That stunned him for a second, but wordlessly he pulled her close and wrapped her into his strong arms.

“You’re right,” he said quietly. “I’ve had sex with more women than I’d care to count at the moment… But you know how many I’ve made love to?”

Slowly she tilted her head up so she could meet his eyes, her question going unspoken.

“Just one,” he smiled gently, “and I’m looking at her.”

All the nervousness and flutters instantly faded away and all she could do was smile brightly. “Right answer.”

In a flurry Han scooped her into his arms and made way to the bed, Leia giggling the whole way there.

Reaching the bed, he turned and fell back onto it, smiling up at his new wife as her hair curtained his face. Threading his fingers through the dark strands, he tugged her down to him gently, brushing his lips against hers softly, until she opened her mouth to him and allowed his seeking tongue entrance. Leia made a sound of contentment in the back of her throat as her tongue parried and slid against his, her hands coming up to cradle his face, thumbs caressing his cheeks tenderly.

After long moments, the kiss shifted from tender to heated, as Han reversed their positions and settled himself on top of his wife, tearing his lips from hers to kiss down the delicate column of her throat. “You are so beautiful,” he whispered again against her warm skin, hands skimming over her ribs and appreciating the lacy white lingerie that covered her like a present for him to unwrap.

Dropping his head, he nuzzled at one rounded breast, barely meeting the peaked nipple through the lace that covered it with his lips. Leia drew in a ragged breath, white-hot pleasure instantly racing from her breast to her core. She drew out a moan as he kissed the tender flesh of her breast, dark eyes flashing up and meeting hers. “I just…” he raised from her body slightly, staring intently into her eyes. “I want to make you feel good…” his hands wondered over her body, tweaking her nipples, soothing over her stomach, lifting the skirt of her lingerie to brush against the curls of her femininity. “I want to worship you…” he cupped her mound, moaning at her wet heat, already damp against his palm. “I want to treat you like a princess…. my Princess…”

Leia arched her neck with a groan, pushing herself further into his palm, seeking friction. “Please, Han…”

He reared up to kiss her again, lips sliding against hers possessively as he removed his palm but trailed one long finger up her dewy slit, barely parting to brush against her inner folds. Trailing kisses to her ear, he lightly bit the lobe. “Anything you want, Princess,” he said, his words honeyed and thick with emotion.

“You, I want you,” she managed, scraping her nails down his back, clawing at the cloth that covered him.

“Good,” he said, with a rakish tilt of his lips, parting from her flesh long enough to raise from her and remove his shirt. Leia started to sit up to remove her own shift, but he stopped her. “Uh-uh, Princess…” the scorching look he cast upon her body was enough to warm her cheeks, but she didn’t argue and left the lingerie in place.

Turning to her side, she waited for her new husband to stretch out beside her, eyes hungrily trailing over the flesh that had been tantalizing her daydreams since their one all-too-brief encounter. “You look even better than I remember,” she murmured, skating a finger over the muscles of his chest, and circling the hardened nub of one nipple.

“I aim to please, Princess,” his voice had dropped and Leia’s head spun. What power did this man have over her?

“That you do, Captain Solo,” she answered, leaning in to kiss him again. He moaned into her kiss, as she trekked her hands down his long torso, barely brushing her palm against the hard heat of him still encased in his trousers.

But before she could do any further exploring, she found herself flipped onto her back once more, Han madly kissing her while his member dug into the soft skin of her thigh. His frantic kisses slowed after long moments, and he nipped at her lips. “Let me, Princess….” he looked at her, breath coming out in ragged gasps. “Let me… love you…”

Not waiting for an answer, he dropped and suckled one erect nipple into his hot mouth, lace and all. “Oh!” Leia cried out, grasping his thick hair and holding his head to her. “Han…” she moaned.

“Like that, Princess?” he asked, pulling back from one breast and alternating to the other, licking it while pinching it between his fingers.

“Gods yes…” she moaned, pressing her legs together against the wet twitch of her pleasure between them.

He rumbled a satisfied answer before kissing down over her stomach, and kissing just beneath her navel to make her laugh.

Leia was breathing deeply, and a red flush was spread across her chest. Han pushed her shift up higher, placing a kiss against her hip before spreading her legs apart with his hand, just barely brushing against her wet curls.

“Put your legs over my shoulders, Princess.”

“Han… I….”

“Trust me,” the scoundrel said. Hesitation past, she complied.

Leaning into her wetness, he barely flicked out his tongue, just parting her outer lips. Leia’s breath seized in her throat, just as Han pulled back and kissed her soft inner-thigh.

“Okay, Princess?” he asked.

Through the Force, Leia could feel his desire to please her and his love and affection for her. He would never hurt her. “Wonderful…” she breathed, as he once more parted her outer-lips and began to lick and suckle her, humming his pleasure at her taste. He noticeably kept his mouth from where she needed it the most, until finally, just as Leia thought she couldn’t stand it any longer, he found her clit and rubbed it with his tongue, causing her hips to nearly levitate off the bed. He grabbed her hips with his hands, undulating her lower-half against his mouth.

Calling his name in a mantra, begging now shamelessly for release from the sweet torment he was inflicting on her, Leia pled for release. Finally, with one sharp flick of his tongue, her body stiffened and she cried out, her wet sex and hips bucking into his face.

She became aware again as she felt him crawl up her body, laying himself on top of her again. “Did you like that?” he asked, voice silky in her ear.

“Let’s just say that I could get used to being treated like a Princess,” she managed, voice weak from her pleasure. But again, she lowered her hand and ghosted it over the hardness straining in his trousers, and suddenly, she was all business. “Now remove those trousers…. By order of the Princess.”

Han chuckled roughly. “I don’t take orders,” he said, nipping her ear.

Leia’s eyes flashed. “Oh, no?” she asked tartly, beginning to work the button on his trousers. “These pants are coming off…”

“I’m not arguing, sweetheart,” Han said, getting his trousers and underwear off quickly. “I’m just sayin’… I don’t take orders.”

Leia smiled slowly, and stretched seductively in front of him. “Not even from your Princess?” she asked, beguilingly.

“Uh…” he looked adorably put-out, searching for an answer to her question, but Leia didn’t care for the banter any longer. She was staring at his erection, long and pulsating with life. She squirmed, remembering how it had felt inside her body… Slowly, she reached for him, softly running her finger up the warm skin of his shaft.

“Princess,” he moaned, licking his lips. The sound of her new pet-name was earthy and raw falling from those lips. Encouraged, she wrapped her fingers around him and gave an experimental tug, entranced by the way his skin moved over the hard-length of him.

She continued to play with him, learning the secrets of his hidden member, finding that he liked it very much when she rubbed the slight indention on the underside, and that his chest heaved just a bit harder when she brought her other hand into play by gently cupping his sac. Delicately touching her lips to his neck, she trailed them over his strong shoulders and chest as she continued to torture him, the need to have him back inside of her, to complete her, growing stronger.

“You,” she finally gasped. “Inside me.”

She expected a smart remark, but it seemed to be an order he was willing to take. Strong arms grabbed her up and settled her firmly against the new pillows on the bed, finding a comfortable position for them before plunging deep inside of her, finding no resistance to her wet path this time.

“Han!” she cried out, clutching his shoulders, knees digging into his sides.

“Leia, Princess…” he moaned into her ear. “Feel so good….”

Establishing a rhythm, he moved quickly, encouraged by her breathy moans and sighs of pleasure. “I love you,” he whispered, over and over as he thrust himself closer and closer to completion. Their slick bodies moved together, Leia running her hands down his back as far as she could, murmuring her own love back to him.

He came in shuddering spurts, pressing against her and crying out his pleasure, until finally he stilled, laying against her, careful not to crush her. Leia continued to rub at his shoulders and back, soothing him down from his sexual peak. After long moments, he looked up at her and smiled, curling one long strand of her hair around a finger.

Leia smiled back. “So, do you think you’ll be willing to take further orders in the future?”

Han had to try twice before he could form the words. “I think so, yes.”

Her dark eyes gleamed. “Right answer,” she said, bending to meet his lips in a kiss.

* * *

Close to an hour later, Han woke from a light doze. Leia lay now completely nude in front of him, sleeping. The lacy shift lay discarded on the floor, and Han smiled thinking of how much better his Princess was compared to the fantasy Leia he had thought of so often in his fervent dreams.

Laying an arm over her, he moved in close, inhaling the scent of her hair, watching her breathe. Instinctively she burrowed into his warmth, edging closer to him, without waking.

He’d never once watched a lover sleep, and his heart was in his throat doing so now.

His love was all he had to offer this amazing woman.

Leia’s eyes fluttered open, and she smiled to see him watching her. “I love you,” she said, scooting closer to him, still.

Han placed a kiss into the crown of her head. Yes, love may be all he had to offer his Princess, but he now knew that was more than enough.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

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The first part of this story was inspired by the fact that my hubby loves his dog more than me!! Surprised


But of course you did an excellent part with the smut girl. Wink

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hot damn that's good shine. that does it, I must go on a quest for more H/L smut! redtenko away!!! X-Wing

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