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 Solitary Heart (Mara Jade/ implied Luke Skywalker) [songfic] 
Jade Pilot

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Title: Solitary Heart
Author: Jade Pilot
Rating: G
Timeframe: Pre- VOTF
Characters: Mara, Luke
Genre: Songfic

Notes: Based on song “Show Me” by Bree Sharp

Solitary girl I have been
Living in a cell made of skin
Sealed inside myself
Nothing gets out or gets in
I can't feel what you feel

Mara Jade crosses the Jedi Academy courtyard with long strides as she quickly makes her way toward the main building. Duffle in tow, she enters and immediately looks for him. She can feel him through the Force, his strong presence like a balm to her weary soul. After weeks of intergalactic travel she decides to take a hiatus and train a little here on Yavin lV, something he is always after her to do.

She smiles to herself wondering if it will please him, her being here at his request. Never will she let him know that it pleases her to be asked. Opening the door to her assigned room she throws the duffle onto the bed and heads to the refresher. Standing in the scalding stream of water, she wonders yet again what his feelings are for her and why she cares.

Show me the way to my heart
Show me the way
Show me the way to my heart baby
Show me, Show me

Most beings give her a wide berth as they notice her sitting at the common room table eating. Curious glances are quickly ended as she meets their eyes with a cold green stare. It isn’t until he enters the room and sees her sitting alone, that she considers what others might think of them. It really doesn’t matter--all that does is that he is heading towards her and she longs for him to help her find the way back to herself.

I'll give you everything I possess
Tell me where you keep your happiness
I look more and more
And I find less and less
I don't know what you know
But I make it up as I go

The sheer joy on his face disarms her as she watches him during lightsaber class. The students around him seem to hang on their master’s every word and catch his enthusiasm easily. His laughter echoes through the room and warms her with its gentleness. Does it take so little to bring him such contentment?

She thinks about the worlds she explores, the wealth she’s starting to accumulate and the position she holds within Talon Karrde’s organization. What measure of true satisfaction do any of these things bring her? What is it that he possesses that fills his heart so completely? Is it something she can obtain?

Show me the way to my heart
Show me the way
Show me the way to my heart, baby
Show me, show me

As they walk through the gardens, she finds herself relaxing her guard with him. He is the only one she allows this close to her heart, the only one she trusts to that extent. And this surprises her, for they are so very different. He is always open and caring, while she closes herself off from all emotion that threatens to unbalance her. She even makes him work to establish any kind of friendship with her. Is that what she wants from him…friendship?

My fingers search for you while I sleep
Looking for something to keep
Help me feel what you feel

She awakens to find she was dreaming of him, although this is not the first time. In these voids she is not held back from expressing her deepest emotions to the man who is teaching her how to feel again. What would he say if he knew? She wonders.

She desires to feel openly as he does, but doesn’t know if that is possible. So much was taken…can he give it back to her. Will she let him?

Show me the way to my heart
Show me the way
Show me the way to my heart, baby
Show me, show me (to my heart, to my heart)

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