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 Posting your Fiction - Read before Posting/Reading 
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Posting your Fiction FAQ

What can I post?

You can post any fiction that is Star Wars related. This can be a story taking place in any timeframe with any Star Wars characters, established or original, and any cross-overs with other genres.

Please do not post any original fiction or fiction set in a different established universe, such as StarGate or X-Files, unless it's a crossover.

What can I post in the General Fan Fiction Forum?

You can post any fiction that would fall under the General rating as seen in the Ratings Information guidelines.

What can I post in the Adult Fan Fiction Forum?

You can post any fiction that would fall under N, R or X ratings as seen in the Ratings Information guidelines.

Where do I post inside the proper forum?

Each forum is split up into time-era zones. Please post in the zone in which your fiction takes place. If you fiction splits these zones, then please post in the zone where most of your fiction takes place.

Flash backs do not count unless they are a major part of the story.

How do I determine the rating of my story?

Please see the Ratings Information guidelines.

I have to format my title?

In the General Fan Fiction forum, you only need to include the title of your fiction in the subject and a status tag. You may include other information such as pairings, genre, etc.

example: Something I Can't Finish - L/M, romance, angst [COMPLETE]

In the Adult fiction areas, you need to include the rating(s) of your fiction, then the title, status tag, and then other information if required as seen later in this FAQ.

example: [N,X] The Taming of the Jedi - L/M slash,bond,violence [WIP]

Complete, WIP, VIG? - Status Tags?

All fictions must list a status tag, i.e. completed, a work in progress (WIP), a one-shot post (vignette aka VIG), or a Song-Fic. Please place these codes at the end of the title as seen above. Once your story moves from WIP to Complete, then you can edit your first post to denote this. If you are having problems editing, please see your forum moderator who can help you.

Please note that the Extra Scenes forums uses different status tags. Please read its FAQ for more information.

I have to have an introduction in my fiction?

All fictions in both general and adult fiction have to have an introduction to denote the following information: title, rating and tags, genre, summary.


Title: Something I Can't Finish
Rating: General, minor angst, fade to black sex
Genre: Angst, Romance
Summary: Mara learns her days are numbered and so makes her peace with Luke Skywalker, and ends up starting something she can't finish.


Title: Taming of the Jedi
Rating: N, X for graphic content, including: descriptive/violent sex, slash, bondage, torture, language, violence, and non-consensual sex acts
Genre: AU, drama, angst
Summary: Dark Lady Mara Jade captures Luke Skywalker in a devious ploy to fulfill Vader's final wish.

All writers are welcome to add other information into their introduction such as timeframe, keywords, characters, etc.


The forum has a global disclaimer as we all know that none of us own any part of StarWars, no profits are made by writing fan fiction, it is all for enjoyment purposes only, but if users wish to place their own disclaimers into their stories, they are more than welcomed to do so, and encouraged.

Rating Tags?

These are tags taken from the Ratings Information guidelines. Please use the same tags listed in the information thread to place in your intro. This is so that we have a uniform listing of all adult fictions so that readers know what they are in for and can choose not to read something they are not going to be comfortable with.

What extras do I have to put in the Adult titles?

If your fiction has any of these in the story, they must go into the title:

slash (same sex pairings) (can be denoted with tag threesome/foursome/etc)
torture or tort
bondage or bond
beastiality or beast
rape (if X rating)
violence (if X rating)

Umm, my title is too big...

Remember, there are only a few mandatory items you need to place into the title. If this still makes your title too long, please talk to your forum moderator about coding the title down to fit. We are currently looking into lengthening the title space.

Can my story have more than one rating?

Yes. N is only to denote that a story has descriptive sex in it, but if the story also has something in the R or X categories, then it may earn two ratings.

Possible rating combinations:
N - R
N - X

No story will be [N - R - X] as X is a step up from R. Same as there can be no [R - X] rating combo.

There are specific subjects which can not have certain rating combinations. Example, incest can not be [N - R] as, by default, incest with descriptive sex would be [N - X].

I have a same sex pairing, but otherwise my story is General with nothing to give it a N, R or X rating.

Same sex pairings are treated like traditional couples. As long as there is no descriptive sex or anything to give the story a N, R or X rating, then you can post in the General forum. However, you will need to list "same sex pairing" in the rating tag of your fiction introduction if this pairing is the major subject of your story. If you reference it in passing, or it is a minor sub-plot, then you do not need to bother with any tags.

My title has been edited, or an introduction placed at the beginning.

It is easier for members to post this information themselves when posting their story, but if they do not we will do it for them as it is required, or tweak their information if they are missing a bit. Normally though, Moderators will ask the author to edit before taking this into their own hands.

Members who constantly do not post the information, or edit when asked, may receive a minor-ban from posting for a specific amount of time set by the banning moderator.

I am having problems with coding my post.

Please see the php FAQ for more information regarding forum coding.

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