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 [N] Bearing the Chosen - L/M [Bonus Scene] 
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Title: Bearing the Chosen
Rating: Nudity
Genre: Romance, angst
Summary: Takes place after Chapter 22. Full fic is in the Non-Adult forums.

Chapter 22 – Bonus Scene

Luke didn’t move save for pulling his head away from hers, his chest heaving to catch his breath. “Got… to stop… or else…”

Her lips trembled, all thoughts blunted save one, “Or else what?”

Their eyes caught again, and there was no going back.

His assault on her mouth came so suddenly that her head slammed against the wall but she didn’t care. With tongues duelling, his hands travelled up and down her body again, this time without any timid caresses. She moaned each time he squeezed her breasts and groped at her rear.

Soon his mouth was down her cheek to her neck where he suckled her collarbone. She let her head fall forward and she caressed down his body to his own very well-toned rear. Many times she had seen what was under the Jedi robes, but never had she seen him in such light and she found herself trembling like a school girl at seeing him like this.

Grabbing the hem of the tunic she started to pull upwards, Luke moving off of her only enough to allow the item to be removed. Once it was tossed aside, their eyes locked again in questions that neither where willing to ask or answer at the moment. Instead, they just let it continue regardless of any rational thought.

Her fingers traced the exposed flesh above the waist of his black trousers, then hooking her fingers she pulled him to her, tongues duelling once more. His fingers were not idle either as they tugged at her dress, pushing the fabric aside to completely expose her legs to him. With a hungry gentleness he caressed her legs open, grabbing her thighs to hook her legs around his waist.

It clicked in Mara’s mind that they were going to do this, right there against the wall because neither could stop their exploration of each other’s bodies long enough to make it to the floor, let alone the bedroom. Her body was inflamed and she groaned at every brush of his fingers and lips against her flesh. She needed this, needed him, right now.

Too long had it been for her to feel this kind of attention on her body. Too long since she felt the release of a man inside her.

He was attacking her neck again, his fingers caressing up her thighs to the liquid heat waiting. She found the catches on his trousers and quickly made work of them, releasing his heated member. As her hands slipped around it she gasped in surprise.

Vaguely she remembered their first kiss, wondering if his skill in kissing was making up for lack in other areas. She couldn’t have been more wrong.

All thoughts and worry about whether he would fit fled as she felt his hand on her moist mound. Without ceremony he pushed aside the wet fabric of her panties and ran his fingers across her seal. She was more than ready for him and he seemed satisfied of this as she then felt his probing, he was in just as much of a hurry to do the deed as she was.

It had been awhile for her, and despite being ready it still burned as his massive staff entered her. Grunting and moaning, he drove himself into her to the hilt, both pausing to adjust.

What followed was cries of pleasure as flesh pounded flesh as two desperate individuals drove themselves towards a long denied sexual satisfaction. Mara was the first to fall as her body trembled and clenched in pleasures, shortly followed by Luke groaning as he released himself inside her, his head falling onto her shoulder.

This coupling had been nothing but sex, they both knew that, there was no way to deny it. This they could deal with.

It was when they had caught their breath and their eyes had met again that they were in trouble.

This was only the beginning.


It had been years since Luke had felt release inside the warm folds of a woman. It wasn’t that he couldn’t find a willing woman, even being married, but he wasn’t one for casual sex.

But here he was.

Hearing Mara’s moans of pleasure and feeling her orgasm ripple throughout her body, he knew that she had wanted this as much as he had. Both of them needed this after so many years of denying their bodies this basic of need.

It was nothing but sex, and that upset him.

He was finally able to breath normally and no longer required the wall to hold himself up from the draining experience. Pulling back just slightly he caught her eyes and feared what he would find.

She was absolutely glowing, and more beautiful than ever with her tussled hair and kiss swollen lips. He couldn’t form any words so he simply didn’t speak, and instead eased her legs off of his hips and helped her to stand after their experience. As she fixed her dress from where he had pulled it out of place, he tucked himself back into his underwear and trousers, but didn’t fasten the clasp.

This wasn’t over.

Taking her hand he was met with no resistance as he started walking towards the bedroom of the suite. Quietly they traversed the few steps to place them next to the large, shimmersilk covered bed which they had shared since they arrived, though not like what they were about to do.

Circling behind Mara, Luke ran his fingers across her exposed shoulder blades. With gentleness he unfastened the clasps of her dress, letting the fabric slip down her graceful form. Neither said a word as he continued, slipping her panties down her legs, lifting her feet to remove them and her heels. He had little trouble with the clasp as he removed her brassier, leaving her completely exposed to him.

With light fingers he traced her curves as he wrapped his arms around her body from behind. Laying his head on her shoulder he spoke the only words heard that night, “So beautiful.”

Slowly she turned in his arms, her eyes softer than he had ever seen them. Their lips brushed together and gentle exploration occurred as they once against felt each other’s bodies, this time with reverence rather than desperation.

She pulled away from him just enough to slowly trace down his body as she gave him the same treatment he had given her. Taking hold of his trousers and briefs she pushed them off his hips and down his legs, his spent member already coming back to life. It took a bit longer to remove his footwear but patience was not an issue as they both felt they had all the time in the universe.

Finally they stood facing each other completely naked, not just their bodies but their heart and souls as well.

This time, when their lips and body came together, it was more than just sex… and that could ruin them both.

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