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 "Exile," Dark!Obi, Dark!Qui-Gon 
Rigil Kent

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Genre: Action, Drama
Summary: In a bleak time when the Dark Side is triumphant, one good man does what he must. Bad to the Bone challenge.
Disclaimer: I own a big fat nothing. Not my hopes. Not my dreams. Nothing. All were pawned off to pay for school. And even that wasn’t enough…
Challenge Rules: Take a Star Wars character and write an AU where this person has gone bad. Jedi, pilot, princess or pirate use your creativity to portray a canon personality in all their evil glory.

I originally wrote this for a different story, one that I ultimately abandoned, but with some tweaking, I think I made it work. You be the judge…

HUNTING THE DARK Jedi, Qui-Gon Jinn, I came to the planet Naboo.

It was a dead world, occupied only by the corpses of the billions who died there on a single, tragic day so many years ago. Despite the ongoing war with the Separatists, a Republic battlefleet was always above the dead planet, under explicit orders from the Senate to never set foot on Naboo and to prevent any ship without special dispensation from landing. Viewed from orbit, it seemed a ridiculous instruction, as the world appeared to be a thriving and lush planet of rolling plains, soaring mountains and glittering oceans. Appearances are deceiving, however, and I, more than anyone, knew how deadly the world truly was.

For I had destroyed it.

Jinn was waiting for me at the Temple of the Sun, and he smiled as I approached. There was something sinister in his expression, something dark and feral that robbed him of the charisma he had possessed before he Fell. His eyes, once the clearest of blue, were now tainted yellow, and the stench of death seemed to surround him.

"Hello, apprentice," he rasped as I drew even to him. I frowned.

"You gave up the right to call me that ten years ago," I told him. Anger simmered within my breast, but I focused on control. There is no emotion, I recited mentally.

"Did I?" He laughed. It was a bitter sound, like glass shattering against plasticrete. "You killed this world, Kenobi, not I." His voice was mocking, and he gestured expansively toward the shattered buildings that yet climbed into the darkening sky. "Even the Sith of old could not have done a better job."

I said nothing in response, and allowed his words to wash over me. It was an old dark side technique intended to undermine the confidence of a foe, one that my old master had learned at the foot of his master now dead these many years. To those unskilled in such matters, it would seem to be nothing more than simple words, incapable of harming. The truth, like so many things Dark Side, was more pernicious. As he spoke, Jinn gently probed with the Force, honing in on his enemy's weakness and focusing his contempt there. If one was unprepared for such a subtle attack, one could be defeated before the battle had begun. For a moment, I knew despair. I had been the one to give the order that destroyed Naboo, and even now, I could still hear Padme Naberrie’s agonized cry as she clung to my apprentice while her world died. Guilt churned within my stomach, bitter and cold.

It was an old friend to me, one I learned to wield like a weapon during the five years I was stranded here on Naboo. The number of times since then that I had faced certain death had hardened me, had made me callous and cold, especially once I learned the truth about my tainted Order. To non-Jedi, our lives appear to be exciting, as if we jumped from one heroic story to another. Few ever witnessed the truth of the matter, the long hours of difficult study and practice, or the overly strict discipline and training that ultimately led to darkness, or the moments of soul-crippling terror that gripped a thirty-year old facing the man he’d once loved as a father.

So, instead of ignoring the fear, I accepted it, examined it from all angles, and discarded it as unhelpful. It was still there, of course, but had no hold upon me. Thus unencumbered, I gave myself over to my duty.

"Enough," I said, enhancing the effect of my voice with the Force. It caused the loose stones on the floor to rattle. Jinn recoiled in slight surprise, before glowering darkly. Even before he had tampered with the corrupting influence of the dark side, Qui-Gon Jinn had never liked to be interrupted.

And that was part of my strategy.

"You've eluded justice for too long," I told him. I could sense the subtle shift of atmospheric effects surrounding us as the Force began to swirl. Though he displayed no indication of it, I knew that Jinn was gathering his resources and calculating the best time to strike. Already, I knew how he would attack, and how to counter his strike. It was a special gift, one that made me an ideal killer.

And it was why the Jedi Order had not yet destroyed me.

"There is no justice," my old master snarled. Darkness seemed to be gathering around him, though only I could see it. Tendrils of future events began to flicker across my mind's eye, warning me of possible threats. That step there was not sturdy. The awning of that roof was cracked. Those rocks could complicate my footing.

"There is only power!" Jinn attacked as he spoke, his lightsaber igniting with an angry snap-hiss, but I was ready for him. My own blade – cerulean in color – flashed into existence, and I met his lethal stroke with an easy parry. He grunted as he twisted into a wild decapitating spin, but I flowed away from the blow like so much smoke. Another sudden thrust from him missed by centimeters, and I kicked his leg out from under him even as I easily dodged his lunging attack. Jinn hit the ground hard, but recovered instantly, rolling to his feet two meters away from me.

I let him stand.

It is as difficult to explain a Force battle to those who have not engaged in one as it is to describe colors to a being without sight. So much of the duel is determined beyond physical perception, and many times, the outcome has been decided long before the first blow has been struck. For someone such as I, it is doubly difficult, for my vision has not yet been corrupted by the shroud of the Dark Side.

Jinn attacked once more with a shout, his scarlet blade humming, but I batted away his attack and slid into the next sword form to deflect a second blow. A storm of small rocks leaped from the ground and darted toward me, driven by his furious hate. I ripped the roof free with the Force to block the small projectiles like an animated shield. Thinking that I was distracted, Jinn lunged, his blade flashing, but I caught the attack and diverted it with my own weapon.

We circled.

"You should join me," he declared with a condescending smile that nearly hid his worry. "Together, we could be unstoppable!" I smiled.

"Windu and Gallia said the same thing once they realized they were losing," I replied coldly. Anger contorted his face, and he attacked again, his crimson blade howling as he tried to kill me with a desperate flurry of blows. I parried each of them, letting him see the ease in which I did so, and we circled once more. The desperation was beginning to build in his eyes, and I hated myself a little bit for enjoying it. Anger snarled within my chest, as the faces of those he had killed in his madness flashed across my mind's eye, but I focused entirely upon him, upon his presence in the Force. Like a pane of glass, it was beginning to crack under intense pressure. Soon, it would collapse entirely.

A blizzard of rocks and debris began wailing around us, as we fought in dimensions beyond those of simple sight. Telekinetic attacks were met and deflected; in their wake, chunks of masonry were smashed and sent spinning. Our minds struggled against one another on a purely psionic level, and I could feel my old master weakening with each breath he took. He could feel it too, and his fury was slowly eclipsed by fear.

And, in that moment, I struck.

He was unprepared for the aggression of my attack, and backpedaled rapidly as I rained blows down upon him. With each stroke, I pushed him closer to the edge and the hundred meter fall that waited. His presence in the Force became scattered, distracted, as he recognized the danger that he was in, but it was already too late. With a flick of my wrist, I abruptly altered the direction of my saber stroke in mid-swing.

His severed arm fell to the ground.

Shrieking in agony, Jinn staggered backwards, his other hand clutching at the now smoking stump that had been his weapon arm. Through the tears that sprang up in his eyes, he glared at me hatefully, and I knew that I would not get the information that I sought through peaceful means. I hesitated slightly. Nothing I had done thus far had been over the line, and the Order would accept me back if I turned him over to them and accepted their dark teachings. But I would never know Siri's fate...

The decision wasn't hard to make.

Jinn gasped as I lifted my hand. His eyes widened in shock and recognition of what I was about to do, but I gave him no chance to plead for his life. Instead, I reached out with the Force, and slammed a thoughtprobe into his mind. He convulsed instinctively as the telepathic assault sliced through his meager defenses.

"Where is she?" I demanded, stimulating the truth centers of his brain as I spoke. He would be unable to lie.

"Dead!" he almost screamed, and I felt my vision darken with fury. Jinn screamed again as the thoughtprobe burrowed deeper, but I no longer cared. All I could see was her face, hear her voice, smell her hair. I balanced upon the brink of total ruin.

"And the child?" Hope warred against fear.

"The Order took her," my old master wheezed. He was twitching nonstop now, as the thoughtprobe raped his mind, and he was weeping blood. Time was running out, I realized.


"Yoda!" he screamed, invoking the name of the Jedi Master who ruled the Order with an iron fist, and had corrupted it into something it never should have been. Rage began thundering through my veins then, clouding my sight, and, I trembled on the edge of embracing it. This monster had stolen my life, and I wanted to see him pay. Killing him would cut the last of my ties with the Order, and they would not accept it lightly. Jedi sentinels would be sent to kill me or, failing that, sever my connection to the Force. It would be a life of constant struggle, and one no sane person chose. Every day would be spent looking over my shoulder, trying to keep Luke and Leia and Mara and all the other Younglings I had rescued from Order free of its tainted teachings.

And it would mean abandoning my nameless daughter for the greater good.

Despite the excruciating pain, Jinn began to laugh at my conflicted expression. "Now, you'll never know!" he chortled through his agony. I drew a deep breath, pushed away my emotions.

And chose exile.

Wizard's First Rule: people are stupid. Given proper motivation, almost anyone will believe almost anything. Because people are stupid, they will believe a lie because they want to believe it's true, or because they are are afraid it might be true.
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