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 [N-R] You'll Like me When I'm Dead - Bonus Scenes 

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Disclaimer: It's George's sandbox; I'm simply destroying the sandcastles.

Title: You'll Like me When I'm Dead
Author: Jade_Max
Rating: Nudity, Restricted
Timeframe: Post Rots AU
Characters/Pairings: Vader/Asajj Ventress, Padmé/Max (OC), Vader/Padmé
Summary: Extra scenes that don't belong on a "G" rated board
Notes: Extra scenes to the story Daenarrah and I are writing " You'll Like me When I'm Dead"

Notes: Controversy is surrounding this fic right now since a lot of people who've read it consider Padmé and Vader to be OOC - which, in my opinion - isn't exactly true.

This story was never written with the intention of being a redemption fic, but of showcasing Vader's true evil and dark nature along with a Padmé (who survived beyond the end of Rots) who's become jaded and vindictive.


Scene 1 - Max & Padmé "Bonus Scene"

Set during Chapter 2

Max stepped into the room, securing the door behind him, and took two steps to where she stood. She reached for him in the instant he reached for her, her arms sliding about his neck. Clinging to his wiry strength, she let herself go.

Padmé drove her hands into Max's hair, hauling his head down so she could lock ravenous lips onto his. His were hard, but yielded to her advance, meeting in the middle and demanding the strength of her need to couple with his. Her tongue drove into his mouth like an invader, her open mouth kiss a demand and a plea. Padmé's hands strayed almost immediately, bunching on his shirt, sliding down over the wiry strength of his chest and finding the waist band of his trousers.

Max's hands cupped her backside, lifting her to the edge of her desk - about his hip height - even as he returned her kiss and her hands slid urgently under the cloth of his shirt. Her mouth left his as he swept one hand over the center of her desk, clearing it of flimsi as he sat Padmé on the edge. Only then, as he stepped in close and her mouth hungrily latched onto his beaded nipple through his shirt, did he go on the offensive.

One hand delved into the neckline of her shirt and pulled, hauling the fabric down and effectively imprisoning her arms while exposing her breasts to his gaze - and mouth. He tilted Padmé backwards, breaking her hold on him, even as she made a sound of protest, using his free hand to work at her belt as his mouth captured one beaded nipple.

Her hands reached forward, grasping his own belt even as he freed hers. Her fingers brushed against him and he was already hot and hard for her; he always was when she kissed him like she did. One of her hands rubbed down the front of his trousers, hard, a clear message of intent. Her other hand finally loosened his belt even as he laid her out on the desk, her legs half bent and her knees bracketing his hips in an unmistakable urge.

His slacks dropped as she freed the fasteners, pooling around his ankles. Hers came free, and with economic movements from long practice, Max swept them and her under things down her body. Catching about her shins, neither of them paid the clothing any heed as Max tugged her shift a touch further down, capturing her completely. Padmé bowed towards him as she released his erection from his underwear.

Capturing her lips once again, Max kissed her heatedly, pressing his lower body into hers and letting her feel the heaviness of his want. She needed him, came to him willingly and asked for nothing but pleasure in return; he would ensure she got it.

Using his hand, he swept it down her body, touching the erogenous zones he'd discovered on other such forays, and making Padmé writhe against him, her hips bucking towards his as his hand slid to the apex. She was hot, slick and throbbing when he touched her, his fingers sliding in without so much as a pause

"I need you now, Max."

Padmé's voice was rough, her words both a demand and a plea as she broke the kiss.

Max obliged, pulling her forward on her desk until she sat on the edge and spread her knees further. Her legs were bent back over the edge, folding upwards as her clothing prevented further movement. Caught by the cloth, Padmé was unable to reach for him, but Max didn't keep her waiting.

Joining his body to hers, he slid inside her slowly. A small thrust and retreat, driving her mad as he played with her body, pushing her closer and closer to the edge she needed. A last thrust had him seated to the hilt as air hissed from between his teeth. Padmé bowed her body towards his, adjusted her grip with her knees, and began to move.

Max matched her rhythm, shifting the angle of her hips in a fashion he knew would give her the release she craved, pressing the side of his throbbing sex against one inner wall of hers. His hands cradled her back, folding together at the base of her spine as Padmé bowed backwards, her hips thrusting together with his as she panted, her body straining towards the peak his promised.

Her eyes were closed and Max tilted his head back to the ceiling, gritting his teeth as he felt her inner muscles clamp and clench, tightening as she wound closer... reached higher...rode him from her back as easily as he rode her now with his feet planted for leverage and power. A lightning quick shift drew Padmé into his arms and shifted the angle of his penetration once more. His sex rubbed the most sensitive of hers and, within seconds, Padmé gasped her release into his shirt.

Feeling Padmé's release was like a signal, the way her body went into a series of spasms and milked his shaft, Max let go, his cry muffled by the softness of her hair as he too found release. His hand was on the base of her neck, buried to the wrist in her hair as he cradled her against him. His other hand smoothed her shirt over her back, inadvertently freeing her arms as the fabric shifted.

Padmé stiffened first - she usually did - and Max stepped back. Their bodies separated, sated for the moment, and Padmé smiled faintly. Her top was pulled low, under her breasts, and she adjusted it back into its proper position. Max reached for the sanitary wipes she kept in one drawer and quickly cleaned both of them off before they readjusted their clothes.
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