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 [N] Legacy of the Broken One - Mara/Kale(Superman) [Shine] 
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Title: Legacy of the Broken One
Rating: N, descriptive sex, angst
Genre: Romance, angst
Summary: This is a shine of Legacy of the Red Sun by Darth_Marrs on TFN. In this crossover, Luke had died so the Force replaced him with Kale Nabberie (aka Superman). So far in the tale, Kale and Mara had met but he didn't know she was a spy and he fell in love with her. Lots of bad things have happened in this angst filled story, including Mara's bond with Palpatine being broken, and her hand lost ala Luke-style. She has now been captured by the gang who want to use her to get the captured Leia back... but have they captured the former Emperor's Hand, or just a lonely broken soul...

Words in italics are Darth_Marrs.

Legacy of the Broken One

Suddenly Kale was there, his chest to her back, his legs hanging off the bed to either side of her. Two strong hands reached up and with surprising gentleness touched her temples. She felt the healing power of the Force flowing through his fingers, making the throbbing of her head recede.

This simple act of kindness was too much. She jumped to her feet and turned to face him. “Damn you, Kale Naberrie!” she yelled. “Damn you!” She held up her stump. “You did this to me. I was strong! I was my master’s most treasured servant. And now because of you, I’m nothing! Nothing!”

“You were cold,” Kale said as he also stood. He grabbed the stump of her arm by the metal receiving ring for her artificial hand without blinking. “You were a cold, broken slave.” His understanding eyes suddenly flashed with anger. “You were not his servant, Mara! He did not love you. He did not cherish you. He used you until you weren’t any good to him any more, and then he threw you away like a broken toy. And yet you still stand there like an idiot and say I’m the bad guy?”

“How dare you!” she hissed.

“I dare because I love you,” he said, still angry. “I won’t lie to you, Mara. You may not like what I say, but you’ll always know it was the truth. You were a twisted little plaything for a twisted, evil despot, and now that he doesn’t want to play with you any more, you’re nothing. You were going home with Lando, for star’s sakes.”

“What else was I supposed to do?” she screamed. “It’s not like you were there!”

The silence that followed was shattering. Kale stared at her so hard she felt as if her soul were on fire. “I’m here now,” he said.

“I’m not eighteen any more,” Mara said, also quiet now. “I’m not the girl you thought you fell in love with.”

“I’m not the boy who fell in love with that girl,” he said.


“Kiss me.”

She thought she was about to break down, tears forming in her eyes, her body betraying her to him, willingly falling into his embrace as he wrapped a strong arm around her waist. Every time she was this close to him, she could only think of one thing, and a flush of shame burned her cheeks. She wasn’t worthy of what he offered.

With a growl his free hand slipped behind her neck and pulled her lips to his, pressing every inch of his body to hers intimately. She could feel his hardness already responding to her softness and a moan escaped her as he tugged at her lower lip before giving her some room to breath.

“Tell me you love me,” Kale demanded, his piercing eyes shinning in the light.

How could she resist the truth? “I love you.”

He captured her lips again, his hands moving to her uniform blouse, quickly making work of the buttons, the heat of his body spreading to her, down her body to her nether regions, the damp heat spreading as he divested her of her bra, caressing every inch of skin. Leaving her mouth, his kisses travelled up her jaw line until they rested below her ear, “Tell me you want to be with me.”

“I really do,” she whispered, tugging at his tunic, Kale responding by quickly pulling it over his head. His chest was toned and she reached up to trace the hard planes, heat sizzling at the contact. She resisted the impulse to cry at the fact that she only had one hand to touch him, feel him, memorize his features, so instead tore her eyes away to stare up into his. “I wanted you to take me away in the Valley.”

“Wanting is not enough,” he replied sadly, but with no less passion, “Act, show me you love me.”

She nodded numbly, almost afraid of what was to happen next, the unknown, making love to the man she loved. Closing her eyes she melted against him, her naked chest tingling at being pressed to his. His arms wrapped around her and seconds later she could feel her feet leave the floor. Moments after that she was on her back, Kale having gently laid her down on the bed.

For a man who could break Star Destroyers, his touch was light, gentle, caressing up her thighs, then teasing at her waist before moving up to cup her breasts. She let out a yelp as he started to suck on a nipple, rolling the sensitive pearl over his tongue.

“Sshhh,” he was grinning, moving back down her body again to start removing her footwear, “I don’t know how sound-proof this room is.”

“Kale,” she admonished, his grin infectious however. She watched as he kicked off his own boots, then went to the belt of trousers.

Uncontrollable flutters turned her stomach upside down, and she distracted herself by unclasping her own slacks, slightly frustrated as it was made more difficult without her artificial right hand to help.

“Let me,” he said solemnly, finishing the clasping and pulling the slacks off her hips, her panties coming off with them. She knew she was wet, her nether regions already pounding in anticipation, but the strength of her own excited sex was even too much for her and she moaned.

Catching his eyes, he stared at her naked body with something akin to awe, and the boy she had kissed that day on Naboo four years ago reappeared in his features, young, vibrant, and inexperienced.

“Kale,” she whispered, chewing her own lip, “I want you, I really do, but should we do this now? You’re still—“

“A virgin,” he smiled and moved next to her, one hand lazily caressing her body, “I saved myself for you, and now that I have you, I’m going to make love to you.”

The fact that this might be the only chance they may ever get was left unsaid and she started to kiss him gently, tenderly, almost like old lovers. His hands traced her body, down her curves to her thighs, gently caressing her mound before pushing slightly at her hips to get her to lay down flat again. Guilt washed over her.

“I’m not a virgin, Kale,” she blurted out, tears threatening her eyes again, and before she could dare meet his accusing eyes, she pressed on, “I was sent a man when I was younger, it was a loyalty test.”

It was the first time she spoke the words out loud, and finally the weight of them crushed her, how could she have been so blind? Kale tipped her face up, and instead of shame or hate, she saw forgiveness and understanding, “Doesn’t matter, Mara.”


He cut her off with a sharp kiss, pushing her down so he could tower over her, “That wasn’t love Mara, this is, and that’s what matters.”

She really didn’t deserve this man, but she pulled his head down to kiss him deeply, his manhood bumping against her, still covered by his under shorts. Her hand moved down and started to push them off his hips, and with his help the garment was tossed aside without them breaking the kiss or their body’s contact.

Under ideal circumstances, they may have let this drag on longer, but fate was rarely kind to these two. She shifted her legs apart and he settled between them, his shaft teasing her as it brushed against her moist folds. He was by no means a small man, and she silently hoped he wouldn’t break her. She had to laugh at the thought, Kale wouldn’t hurt her, not like this, not ever again.

Pushing into her, it had been a long time since that moment when she was younger, and her body stretched in exquisite pain at his entry. Moaning, she wrapped her legs around him and urged him on as he soon went from clumsy beginner to steady novice.

His thrusts were hard and deep, stifling his grunts of pleasure by nuzzling between her breasts. She buried her face more than once against his neck, biting into the skin to keep from screaming out the wonderful things the man in her arms was doing to her.

Pleasure unlike anything she had experience raced up her spine like liquid fire and sent her body into tremors of passion, her orgasm rippling against his manhood. His own body became wracked with pleasure and she felt him empty himself into her, his breathing heavy and exhausted.

For a few moments he laid on her, trying to catch his breath, and while he was heavy, she loved the feel of him pressed against her. Eventually he turned off of her, but brought her with him so that she now lay against his body.

When Kale had entered the room, Mara Jade had been nothing, empty of everything that made her little more than just a breathing sentient being. The Emperor’s servant was dead, and from the ashes was arising something new, and that alone should have scared her, but she knew she had Kale and that he offered something that Palpatine never did, and that was true love in its purest form.

With her forehead against his broad, muscular chest, she was suddenly racked with such overwhelming grief she no longer had any hope to contain it. She slid off him onto the bed by his side, and with his arm around her shoulder, she sobbed like she did the last time she had lain with a man.

She couldn’t say when the storm passed. But when it did, Kale was still there, looking into her eyes with tears of his own. “Why are you crying?” she demanded between sobs.

“It hurts me to see you hurt,” he said. He reached over and pulled a tissue from the dispenser in the end table.

She sat up in lotus position on the bed and gave a respectable snort as she blew her nose. “I must look pathetic,” she said.

“You are more beautiful than I have ever seen you,” Kale said as he also pushed himself into a sitting position in front of her.

“You’re pathetic too.”

“I know.”

She couldn’t help the smile that broke through her sobs. “This wasn’t the type of torture I was expecting when I woke up. By the stars, Kale, why do you love me so much? Other than shooting you and helping Vader kill your family and hunting you across the galaxy, what have I done to deserve you?”

“You didn’t kill them, Mara, and you know it. Vader did. And as for why—when you kissed me on Naboo,” Kale said, “you loved me. You can deny it all you want, but I could feel it. I could hear it in your heartbeat. But then something happened, and you left. I didn’t realize it at the time, but now I know it wasn’t because of a scheduled dinner. You could have stayed with me all day as part of your assignment. Something happened.”

“The Emperor contacted me. Through our link.”

Kale nodded as he caressed her cheek. His fingers trailed down to her breast. “He couldn’t stand the thought of you being happy on your own. Not even for a moment.”

She sighed, took his hand and held it against her chest. “It doesn’t matter now, Kale. I’m nothing.”

“You are something to me.” He leaned forward until their lips touched. “Say the word, Mara, and I will take you away from here. Nothing could stop us.”

Her lungs stopped working. It took conscious thought to draw air in again. “Kale…I…” She dropped her eyes from his, but then got distracted by the rest of him and so had to look at something less alluring. “What about Leia?”

He shrugged. “The others wanted to use you to help break her out. I can do that anyway. It’ll cost more lives, but as long as they aren’t involved I could probably save her.”

“Maybe not,” Mara warned. “Palpatine has a new weapon. I don’t know what it is—security is tight. But he’s already used it on the Rebellion twice. The rumor is it's powerful enough to kill even you. If you went flying through the palace, he could use this weapon on you.”

“Then I would die saving my cousin,” Kale said. “But only after I’ve saved you. Say the word, Mara, and I will take you away from here. You’ll never have to think about any of this again.”

She fell forward until she leaned against him. Her hair hung like red feathers against the muscles of his bare thighs. He was so beautiful, so perfect. He was everything she had ever wanted, even before she knew what that was.

“I can’t leave her there,” Mara whispered. The admission shocked her. She hated Princess Leia. Didn’t she?

No, she envied her. She had envied that Leia was close to Kale. That Leia had a man who loved her and that she was known, respected and liked by all those around her. She envied that friendship and love.

But she did not hate the Princess. Not since yesterday afternoon, when Leia confessed how close she was to breaking. “I’ll help you,” Mara said. She looked up to meet Kale’s searching eyes. “I’ll help you get her out. You have to let me help.”

“I’ll let you help, but on one condition,” Kale said. “Afterward, when she’s free, promise me that you will go with her and the others. Go with them and be safe.”

“What about you?”

His expression shifted from love and compassion to one of predatory determination. “I have an appointment with the man who hurt you.”

“Kale, he’s more powerful than you realize.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Kale said. Reaching out with his hands, he easily lifted her off the bed and deposited her back on his lap and looked up at her. “The only thing that matters to me is that the people I love are safe. That means you too. When we free Leia, you go with her, Han and the rest. Go with them and be safe. Promise me that, Mara. I need to know you’ll be safe.”

She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply as they began to make love again. “For you, I would do anything.”

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Well, since you and I are probably the only two here who've ready Legacy of the Red Sun, I'll say you did a great job adding a seen to the most original, incredible, orgasm-inducing piece of fan fiction ever written by the most beautiful, breathtaking paragon of manhood to ever walk the earth.


Yeah, I don't buy it either. But it was a great shine on Mara's and Kale's break through!

And great job on the site, by the way. It looks great!

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LOL! Laughing

I believe that!!

Very Happy

And Legacy is a great story, hopefully we'll get more readers. Wink

And thanks for visiting the site! Hope to see more of you! Very Happy

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