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 [N] "Conventional Honeymoon", L/M [Shine] 
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Title: Conventional Honeymoon
Author: ginchy
Disclaimer: I don’t own Luke or Mara, or any of the situations. Just letting my favorite characters have some much deserved fun.
Rating: N - Nudity
Genre: Romance
Summary: Mara and Luke, in an arranged marriage, make love for the first time on their honeymoon.
Notes: ginchy-shine!!! After a bit of a hiatus, ginchy is back! This is an officially sanctioned 'shine of RedGold's wonderful L/M fic, 'Symbols' which can be found at: This is AU of the AU, assuming L/M just said 'What the hell' and had some fun on their wedding night. Wink This takes place at the end of Chapter 7, 'The Wedding Night'. The first two lines in italics are RG's.


"Well," Mara finally broke the silence with a laugh, "not exactly what I would have envisioned my wedding night to be like..."

"Same," he shrugged his shoulders, then shook his head, "No point in being sentimental I guess, I'll see you in the morning."

“Wait,” Mara said, as he turned to walk to his room.

“Yeah?” Luke asked, turning back to her. He felt a spike of something in the Force, from the Lady Jade. Embarrassment? He couldn’t be certain as he was still getting used to the feel of her energy signature. And he didn’t think embarrassment would be something the lady often felt. She was one to say what she meant and have no qualms about it later.

“Are you attracted to me?”

“Uh… what?” Luke asked, dumbly, looking at Mara quickly before his eyes darted away. “I mean, you’re obviously very … um… pretty.” It seemed like Lady Jade was suppressing a smile when he finally looked back at her, tamping down the blush in his cheeks. “Why do you ask?”

Mara brushed the damp hair back from her shoulder and gripped the back of the chair in front of her, the expanse of the dining room table large between them. “Well, it is our wedding night, and seeing as we’re going to be married for probably a long, long time, this will be the only chance either of us ever has for one. I’m just going to lay it out for you, Skywalker—we’re married, and symbols for the galaxy—why shouldn’t we get something out of this marriage of galactic convenience?”

Luke threw up his mental shields as his heart skipped a beat. Was the lady implying…. Surely not. “Do you mean consum--” He trailed off. Consummate sounded so clinical.

“Of course, only if you want to. I wouldn’t make you do anything.”

“If I want to?” Luke asked, a small chuckle escaping before he could stop it.

An unbidden smile broke across Mara’s face at his laugh. “I know, not a very romantic conversation, is it? But, like our unconventional wedding night--”

“We’re an unconventional couple,” Luke finished. He looked at Mara again, still holding onto the chair in front of her. In her lounging clothes with damp hair she seemed smaller than she had during their wedding, more vulnerable, though he knew that wasn’t true. Lady Jade may be a lot of things, but vulnerable wasn’t one of them. But still, he remembered her earlier spike of embarrassment in the Force and wondered just how much experience she had with matters of sex and love.

Impetuous by nature, he moved from around the large table and came to stand near Mara. She moved as he came around, pulling out her chair slightly. He stood in front of the chair and looked at her. His wife. The thought of her as his wife caused his heart rate to increase. He had only been thinking of this as a deal for the galaxy but now, Lady Jade was offering him something more, or was she? “Would this be a one-time thing?” he asked, startled by the low and intimate gruffness of his voice.

Licking her lips in an uncharacteristic move, Mara answered, “I guess that depends on how good it is.”

“So no pressure,” Luke murmured, raising a hand to place on hers on the chair.

“None at all,” Mara whispered back, looking at their hands.

Leaning close over the chair, Luke used his other hand to brush damp strands of hair from Mara’s forehead. “Okay?” he asked, in regards to touching her.

She barely nodded.

“Are you sure about this?” he asked, suddenly thinking of his promise to Landis, on not hurting the lady. “I mean, I’m a bit surprised--”

“Look,” Mara cut him off. “We’re both adults. We’ve established that neither of us has ties to anyone else. I know you’re on suppress meds, so nothing to worry about there. We’re married and it’s our wedding night. Do you want to kriff--”

But Luke silenced her this time, stepping around the chair to grab her upper arms and pulling her into a kiss.

His lips were soft against hers at first, allowing her a moment to acknowledge the kiss, but he didn’t need to tread slowly because Mara’s arms came up to wrap around his neck as she returned his kiss. The kiss was sweet, light pressure as they pressed together, until Luke slid his tongue along the seam of her mouth and gently coaxed it open, darting his tongue to rub against hers. Mara groaned low in her throat as their tongues played gently together, her hands coming up to finger the short hair at the back of his neck.

Pulling back with a gasp, Mara eyed her new husband with a half-smirk. “Why didn’t you kiss me like that at our wedding?” she teased, walking backward away from the table with a challenging look in her eyes.

Luke followed her. “I didn’t know you wanted me to… or that you would let me,” he answered honestly.

“Oh, I’ll let you,” she murmured as she continued walking backward towards her bedroom.

“You will?” he asked hoarsely, moving forward and into her personal space, stopping her. His eyes dropped back to her lips.

She didn’t answer verbally, instead pushing up on her toes to meet his mouth with hers again. This time it was Luke who moaned into the kiss as Mara didn’t hesitate to seek out and meet his tongue thrust for thrust. After a moment he trailed his lips away to kiss his way up one sculpted cheekbone to her sensitive ear. He nibbled at the lobe, breathing hotly into her ear. “The bedroom?” he whispered and Mara trembled against him.

Pulling away she said, “Lights, dim,” and the overhead lighting muted, casting an intimate glow around the room. She then took his hand and stepped into her bedroom with him, anticipation now in the air as they entered her private domain.

She pulled away from his hand and got onto the bed, sitting up against her pillows and headboard. Luke followed her, balancing over her on his arms as he reached the top of the bed. But in one quick motion Mara changed their positions, pulling him down around the neck and rolling them until she sat astride him, showing him the half-smile that was slowly becoming familiar. Not to be outdone he pulled her down to him and into a kiss, letting his hands roam through her damp but drying hair and down over her back until he reached the hem of her loose shirt. He pulled back from the kiss and tugged playfully at the fabric.

Mara carelessly pulled it off, throwing it over the side of the bed as she began to kiss him again. Luke lowered his mental shields and let a nudge of indignation bleed out at not getting to see her shirtless, Mara merely gave a huff of laughter at his expense and nudged back, a feeling that Luke basked in as he let his new wife kiss her way down his neck and into the collar of his lounging shirt. She had to move so that he could take it off and he finally got to see her, creamy skin on display to him for the first time.

“You’re beautiful,” he said admiringly, tracing his fingers down along her throat and daringly further along the low lines of the soft bra she was wearing. He watched with interest as her nipples peaked under the fabric. His fingers found the hard points and tugged lightly, the low moan from Mara perking his stiffening cock.

Mara leaned in for another kiss, and Luke raised his hands to the back of her bra, unhooking it and slowly moving it down her arms so that his fingers tickled over her flesh as he removed it. She shivered against him again, her nipples hardening further and he wanted to taste. As she tried to rise back into a sitting position on his stomach he caught her and brought a peaked nipple to his lips, nipping at it before soothing it with his tongue.

He eased them over onto their sides, jutting his erection into her stomach as he continued to torment her breasts. Mara ran her fingers over the planes of his strong back, pushing his shirt up and over his neck until he had to stop his ministrations for it to be removed.

The Lady Jade gave him no compliment but immediately licked a line from his naval to his throat and Luke threw his head back with a groan. Her small hand sought out his hard member and she pumped him experimentally through his pants. He thrust against her helplessly, again sucking at her nipple and slipping his own hand between her legs to feel the heat there.

“Skywalker,” Mara moaned as he cupped her hot mound and butted his hand where he thought she would get the most pleasure.

He kissed her. “My name is Luke,” he whispered against her lips. “Mara….” He reinforced the idea of using their given names as he trailed off with her name when she continued to touch him through his pants.

“Luke,” she said, correcting herself even as she shivered to hear him huskily whisper her name. She tugged impatiently at his pants and he rolled away from her to remove them, giving her a look that suggested she do the same.

He was left in a clinging pair of black shorts, but the Lady Jade was naked and Luke groaned to see her nude before him. He took his time to look at her, noticing with a smile that she was flushed with color in her cheeks, over her chest to the tops of her breasts. He removed his shorts and kneeled on the bed watching as she gave him a similar perusal, his cock twitching as she centered her gaze on it.

“You can touch me,” he murmured, breath coming out in shallow gasps as he hardened more under her intense gaze.

“I can, can I?” she asked, cocking a brow at him and assuming a kneel of her own. “How thoughtful of you,” she said, but that half-smirk was evident as she slowly reached out for him. She ran a single finger up the underside of his dick and he gasped, pushing himself further into her hand. She wrapped her fist around him, pulling up on the velvety soft skin and he groaned aloud.

“Feels good,” he whispered, and brought his own hand out to reach between her legs. She opened her legs a little wider and gasped herself as he traced her slit, barely parting her outer lips. She was wet and hot under his touch, but he wasn’t at a good angle to penetrate her with his fingers. He moved forward until they were almost touching, breast to chest and looked her in the eye, his fingers now poised at her entrance. “Okay?” he asked.

She gave him a light squeeze and moved her hands up his chest, over his shoulders. “Yes,” she said and gave a startled moan when he pressed one finger into her moist opening.

She rocked against his hand so he inserted another finger and then moved his thumb to search for that small nub that would bring her pleasure. “Tell me where it feels good,” he whispered and searched through her folds until she tightened her legs around his arm and moaned in pleasure. “There it is,” he said, unable to keep from smiling.

“You’ve found it,” she said with narrowed eyes, “now show me you know what to do with it.” He gave a low laugh and pulled his fingers free before Mara laid back against the pillows. She opened her legs and Luke took the invitation to move over her. She instinctively wrapped her legs high around his waist and he nudged at her opening, looking her in the eyes, lest he see any hint of regret or denial, but all he saw was desire and need. He pushed forward and entered his wife in a swift movement, impaling himself to the hilt.

Mara cried out, clutching at his back with her hands, nails digging in as her body accepted his girth. Her legs gradually relaxed and lowered from their tense position but Luke took his time about moving, again licking at a nipple and then kissing her neck.

“Luke,” she said, and he took that as his cue, beginning to move inside of her with long, soft strokes. She gasped out her approval and he changed tactics, pushing up from her with his palms flat out on the bed, thrusting faster.

“You feel so good…” he ground out raggedly looking down at the women who was now truly his wife. And though he knew she might not reciprocate or like it, he lowered his shields until she could feel the sexual haze of his emotions.

Mara jerked and whimpered at the sensation, clawing at his back. “I want you,” she said fiercely, using her legs to slow his momentum and rolling them.

He slipped out and situated himself against the pillows, gasping out when she moved back on top of him, settling herself onto his sensitized member. He grasped her hips and helped her to find a rhythm, watching as her breasts bounced and again letting his shields leak to her how sexy he found her, how hot he was, what he wanted to do with and to her.

She gasped and cried out and finally let her own shields lower just enough to reach through the Force to him. And as their heated thoughts met and melded they cried out as one, Mara spasming around him in orgasm, milking hot semen from his body.

She fell against him, her palm connecting softly with his cheek as she found his lips with hers and they kissed as they shuddered through their mutual pleasure. She rolled against his side when the kiss ended, and he buried his head in her hair, breathing in the scent of her cleanser, sweat and skin.

He ran his hands along her arm and back soothingly, eyes growing heavy as she drew an abstract pattern over his chest with her fingers.

“This still isn’t how I would have envisioned my wedding night,” Mara finally said, breaking the silence. Her voice was low and husky, a tone that had Luke’s previously satiated cock perking again.

He shifted his head on the pillow and looked down at her. “Yeah?”

“Don’t think I was thinking quite… big .. enough,” she said, letting her fingers wander down over his chest and lower.

He chuckled low in his throat and ran a finger down the side of her face to her chin to tilt her face up for a kiss. He brushed his lips against hers. “I’ve had some experience… Mara… but nothing comes close to the moment we just shared…”

“Want to share it again?” she cut in, an impish look in her green eyes and that half-smirk again evident on her face.

“So it wasn’t a one-time thing,” he couldn’t help but tease with a self-satisfied grin.

“Not at all, husband,” Mara said, exaggerating his new title.

Luke grinned again and played along. “Come here, wife.”

Their now conventional honeymoon continued long into the night.


"Love we have, and passion." Mara/Luke
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Dang girl... hot and hawt!!!

I think my characters would have preferred this!! Very Happy

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