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 [N] "The Shower of the Hand" L/M [Shine] 
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Title: “The Shower of the Hand”
Author: ginchy
Rating: Nudity
Disclaimer: I don’t own Luke or Mara, or any of the situations. Just letting my favorite characters have some much deserved fun.
Genre: Romance, descriptive sex
Summary: Luke and Mara in the shower.
Notes: This is an Authorized AU ‘outtake’ from The Blood of the Hand by MirandaFair--which is an awesome story! And thank you so much, twin, for letting me smut it up a bit! Wink And also… for one of the very funny lines. Very Happy

**This takes place in an altered chapter 16 of BotH. Sentences in italics are MirandaFair’s.**


The gentle tapping of Ghent's keystrokes silenced as the door slid shut. Ignoring the lightpad, Mara entered her bedchamber and pealed off the espionage mask. Red waves of damp hair cascaded down to her shoulders. Wiping away at the sweat that lined her forehead, she was fully aware of the presence that sat behind her in the desk chair.

"Come to deal yet another lecture, Master Jedi?" she joked sourly, as she tossed her gloves into dismounted backpack that lay open at her feet.

"I'm considering it, Trader Jade," Luke Skywalker shot back, peering at her from the shadows.


“Well, don’t,” Mara bit out. “I’m really not in the mood.”

“And I don’t particularly like being shot at by my friends,” Luke countered. “You’ll just have to deal.”

Mara exhaled sharply, damp but drying strands of hair lifting on her forehead. “I don’t have time for this, Skywalker. And neither do you. The Chief-of-State is going to be here any moment. I have to shower.”

Luke waved his hand dismissively. “Leia can wait.”

Mara forced a laugh. “She isn’t just anybody’s sister. If anything, you can wait.” She began to walk towards the ‘fresher. “And I really don’t think we have anything to discuss.”

“Well, that’s neat, isn’t it, Mara? How like you: always avoiding the issue.” Luke’s voice was hard.

Mara‘s back stiffened, but she didn‘t turn to face him.. “And what issue is that, Skywalker?” she sneered. “That you can’t mind your own business and stay out of mine?”

“I only want to help you!” Luke growled.

Mara whirled around, blaster pulled and aimed at Skywalker. “I’ve already told you--I don’t need your help!”

Blue eyes blazed. Luke moved towards her quickly, and Mara darted to the side, blaster sights never leaving him. He lunged forward and caught one arm, using the Force to immobilize her blaster hand. Mara kicked out with one leg, but lost her advantage as both she and Luke fell over the backpack she had earlier discarded on the floor. Mara’s back hit the wall hard, Luke’s full weight pressing against her, his Force hold on her hand never wavering.

Mara glared at him and struggled, ready to remove Skywalker from her body and bedchamber. His lower body held hers in place, and Mara lost her most obvious course of action, legs and knees pinned to the wall.

Luke held her wrist in place with one hand and used the other to pluck the blaster from her hand. He tossed it onto a nearby chair. “I don’t care for being threatened, Mara,” he said, voice low, chest constricting against hers as he breathed.

She stopped struggling against him, furious yet intrigued by the feel of his hard body pressed intimately against hers and the scent of him so close to her. She’d been this close to him before, and near always with a blaster in her hand. It felt different this time, however. He felt different.

He was hard against her. And not just his toned body… Mara’s eyes snapped up to Luke, who was flushed in embarrassment and already beginning to pull back from her, releasing her wrist. She didn’t think as her freed hand slapped against the back of Skywalker’s neck, nails digging in to the flesh. And now it was he who didn’t have time to react as she pulled him down to her and kissed him.

White burst behind Mara’s closed eyelids as her lips slid over Luke’s for the first time. His lips were chapped, but she soothed them with her tongue, groaning into his mouth at the softness that was presented underneath her tongue’s trail. Lips met and separated, tongues touched and dueled. Luke slammed one palm against the wall, the other grabbed her hip and kneaded, his body beginning to move sinuously against hers. Mara kept a firm hand at his neck, retracting the hard points of her nails in favor of tracing intricate designs against the sensitive skin there.

Breath ragged, Luke pulled back, hardness between his legs pushing insistently against Mara’s upper thigh. “Mara?” he questioned, staring at her.

“I have to shower,” she gasped out, chest heaving, cheeks hot.

Luke’s hand fell from her hip, and he took a step back. He swallowed convulsively and turned. “I’ll just…”

Mara moved quickly to block his path. Reaching out she grabbed the waistband of Luke’s trousers, fingers rubbing against the crisp hairs and warm skin found there. She tugged, and stepped backwards. “I have to shower…” she repeated, giving him a hot glance, taking yet another step.

His eyes widened, but he followed obediently.

They stepped into the ’fresher, Mara relinquishing her hold on him, only to swiftly turn on the shower. The scent of water and steam began to billow as Mara looked at Luke challengingly, an eyebrow quirked. She pulled off her clothing quickly, daringly standing completely naked in front of the fully clothed Jedi Master. It had felt so good to kiss and tease him, to lose and take control with him as far too many events in her life were out of control at the moment.

Luke’s eyes wondered over her small frame, lingering on her breasts, the swell of her hips, and the curly thatch between her legs. He licked his full lips and raised his eyes back to hers. “Mara?” he asked again, softly.

Mara didn’t answer. Instead she gave him a smile, full of sultry promise, and disappeared behind the shower curtain. Her heart raced once confined in the darkened space between the shower wall and curtain. On automatic she wet her hair and rubbed cleanser into it, ears perked to catch any noise the undressing man might make over the pounding of the water on tile. She imagined Skywalker debating with himself over what to do and turned her head into the spray. Rinsing her hair with eyes tightly closed, she didn’t even start as the shower curtain was peeled back in a decisive movement.

She forced her body to remain turned into the spray, waiting for Luke to make the first move.

It didn’t take long.

A gasp was drawn from her as he grabbed her hips and pulled her against him, rubbing his hardness against her wet and soapy body. She leaned back against him and watched through slitted eyes as his arms reached around her for her soap dispenser and pumped a little into his palm. He rubbed a white lather together and began to wash the grime and sweat from her misadventure away, hands soft, yet sure against her. The steam billowing around them gave an ephemeral feel to their embrace, and the galaxy seemed far away, if for only a moment.

She relaxed against him and allowed him to clean her, moaning as his hands moved over her neck and down each arm, massaging as he went. She arched her breasts as he nosed aside a section of her wet hair and nipped at her earlobe, and his hands were there already, slick and hot against her. He pulled her nipples into tight little peaks, excited breathing hot against her ear. His manhood throbbed against her, prodding the opening between her spread legs. A wave of damp heat flooded from between her thighs at his cock’s insistence.

“Luke…” she moaned his name quietly, aware of Ghent working diligently in the next room. She turned quickly in his arms and attacked his mouth again, pulling him back into the spray. Her hands moved over strong shoulders and up his neck to tangle in his dampening hair, while his hands moved down her back and over her ass and thighs.

Kisses grew feral and remained hungry, each searching the other’s mouth with their tongues. Mara pulled back first and rained kisses down the column of his neck, licking droplets of water from his collarbone. Soapy fingers made a trek down his chest and circled teasingly over his navel, before dropping further down and wrapping around his erection. A flash of pleasure in the Force didn’t surprise her, the corresponding pleasurable sting in the already aching joint between her legs did. She ran light fingers over the tight skin that strained for her touch, enjoying Skywalker’s labored breathing and quiet moans of pleasure. She pulled the skin forward, pumping a few times experimentally, releasing a soft laugh as Luke’s slim hips thrust in time with her movements.

Mara gasped as she suddenly found herself pressed up against the shower wall, head completely out of the water’s spray. Luke held her hands up against the tiles. “Find me funny, do you, Jade?” he asked in a deep voice, before kissing down her chest and capturing a nipple between his teeth and tugging.

“Hysterical,” she breathed against his lips as he returned to them, kissing her frantically. Mara pushed her arms free and Luke’s right hand trekked down her body and cupped between her legs, middle finger parting her lips and folds, tortured groan falling from his mouth as he felt her wet heat for the first time.

“Can we--”

Luke was unable to finish his sentence as Mara wrapped her arms around his neck and pushed up with her toes, trusting the Jedi to react to her intention and her answer to his unasked question. He placed warm hands under her ass cheeks and lifted her against the tiles, positioning her and himself before slowly lowering her down onto him with a satisfied growl. Mara moaned as his body impaled her, instinctively pushing her hips against him.

Luke looked at her solemnly, water running down his face, hair plastered to his head. Mara stared back, before smiling. “I need this… And I need it fast,” she said, kissing him softly, taking a moment.

He nodded, and leaned his head into the curve of her neck, and beginning to move, slowly at first, but soon with the increasing ardor and friction she had asked for. Mara tightened her inner muscles around the thickness she enveloped and ran her hands up and down his finely muscled back, nails beginning to dig into his skin as she enjoyed the ride.

The angle of his fevered thrusts and the weight of her body pushing down tormented and teased the slippery nub between her legs. Quiet moans erupted from her throat with each powerful thrust, and when Luke bit into the juncture of her neck and shoulder to contain his shout of pleasure, she was overwhelmed by the force of the orgasm that ripped through her body. She bit her lip to stifle her cries, resting her head against Luke’s and breathing through her mouth as they both recovered from their pleasure.

She relaxed her legs as Luke slipped from her body and slid her down to the tub again. Their intermingled breathing seemed even louder than the spray of water as each quickly washed, neither discussing what had just occurred between them.

They exited the shower quickly, Mara frantic to dress knowing Organa-Solo would be in her apartment at any moment. She watched as Luke dried and dressed himself again, eyes widening when she took in his damp hair. “Luke,” she whispered urgently, securing her wet hair in a bun, “your hair… it’s wet… your sister!”

Luke looked at her for a long moment before picking up his discarded robe from the floor. He put it on and raised the hood. “She’ll think I’m taking my role as a Jedi very seriously,” he smiled.

“As it is, Solo’s going to act like an idiot if he sees you exiting my bedchamber,” Mara mumbled. She turned to exit the ‘fresher, gasp escaping her lips as Luke grasped her arm and turned her to face him.

“I…” he paused and swallowed nervously. “We… We will talk about… this, won’t we, Mara?”

This. Mara closed her eyes. How had it come to this? She had too many other things going on… She opened her eyes and looked into Luke’s, the color reminding her of the suit he’d worn to Leia’s Inaugural Ball. She’d wanted him to ask her to dance that night… Maybe this wasn’t so new, after all…

“Yes, Luke,” she finally answered. “We will talk about this… but… It doesn’t change the fact that there’s something going on that you can’t help me with… You must realize that you can't save everyone, Luke.”


The Jedi raised a brow in question and began to open his mouth. But he was cut off by a distant mechanical beep.

Slowly, both their gazes tracked to the bedroom door.

The suite of Mara Jade now played host to another guest.

"Love we have, and passion." Mara/Luke
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