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 Extra Scenes Forum - Please Read Before Posting 
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Extra Scenes Forum

Many writers publish G rated stories, but have an extra deleted or bonus scene, deleted/bonus because it is N, R, or X rated and can not be posted on the original forum.

This forum is designed to hold these extra scenes for easy access by the readers. Consider it fiction's version of a DVD extra.

Please, do not post complete fictions in this forum! This is for individual deleted scenes only.


How do I use this forum as a deleted scene holder?

First, post your deleted scene. Your post must have the title of your original fiction, the rating of the deleted scene, the website name the original fiction is posted in (if not SWFF) and your user name there (if not the same as your SWFF username).

example: [N] Something I Can't Finish - TFN-JCF (RedGold) [Bonus Scene]

Please see the Rating Information thread in the Resource Forum to check your rating and to discover any extra tags that you may have to place in this title.

Why do I have to do the title like this?

All adult fictions have to have a rating tag, status tag, and introduction, this is for safe-guard reasons. The rest of the title is to allow quick and easy access by your readers to your deleted scene. They will know exactly what they are looking for.

What is the status tag?

The status tag goes at the end of your title. As bonus scenes are technically both WIP and Complete, we have two tags to use in the Extra Scenes forum only. Bonus Scene and Shine.

Bonus Scene: Any extra/deleted/bonus scene from your own fictions which have a higher rating than the original fiction. This can be a 'missing moment' or an AU of how the scene may have went if you had decided to take the fiction another way.

Shine: When an author 'shines' up another author's story. This can be writing the higher rated scene for the author with the author's permission. Or it could be AU'ing the original author's story, say, if two characters actually had hooked up. Shines are only for fictions written to shine up other writer's fictions, and must have the permission of the original writer.

A prime example of a Shine is The Shower of the Hand by ginchy which is a 'shine' of The Blood of the Hand by MirandaFair. It is a 'what if' scene between Luke and Mara written by ginchy with Miranda's blessing. It is not its own story as needs to be in the context of the original story, but is AU, it didn't actually happen, but could have. Again, this is something you may find on a DVD Extra.

Writing missing moments or AU's of pro-fiction do not count as Shine's because all fan fiction is, technically, a shine. Shine's are only between fan fiction writers.

What else do I have to do format wise?

Please see Posting your Fiction in the Resource Forum as formating rules apply to extra scenes as well.

Does this mean I have to have an introduction as well?

Yes, please refer to the Posting your Fiction thread for more information.

How do I link it to my story?

Once you have posted your scene, post in your original thread that you have an adult extra scene at the Star Wars Fan Fiction Forum - Extra Scene Forum. Give the link so that your readers go through the main page's buffer.

IMPORTANT: Please, do not give out the direct link to the deleted scene because a) many PG forums will not allow direct links to high-rated material, and b) to buffer against accidental clicking and safe-guard against underage reading.

I have one more than one deleted/bonus scene in my fic.

If you have more than one scene, then you can post them in one thread. It is best to notate where each scene falls in your story, example: between chapters three and four, and to post in seperate posts in the thread.

If you story has several deleted/bonus scenes, then you may consider posting the story as a complete adult fiction in the adult forums instead.

I have only one scene I want to tack to a one-shot fic.

You can post just the end scene for the fiction following the rules above, but it may be best to post the entire one-shot as an adult fiction in the appropriate forum.

I want to post my story complete, both with and without deleted/bonus scenes.

You are welcome to post your story twice, an edited version in the general area and one in the adult area. Only use the extra scenes area when you do not want to post a complete version in the adult areas.

My title and information has been edited.

Administration reserves the right to edit any titles or fiction information to follow the terms above. They will never edit a members actual fiction without a written request from the member.

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