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 General Behaviour Rules 
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General Behaviour Rules

While we want everyone to be able to express themselves as an open forum, we have to take into consideration that some areas are open for viewing to those 17 and younger, and that general public decorum should be in place. Anyone not following the rules and guidelines below are subject to censure.

Language Usage

In the non-adult areas, language usage is to be kept to a minimum. Occasional usage of 'curse words' are allowed as long as not in a nasty setting.

In the adult areas, language usage is not limited in any way inside a fiction, but please see the ratings rules as massive usage can result in a R or even X rating. Inside the feedback to adult fictions, language usage should not be any more than that of the fiction itself. If the fiction is rated R, then language is not as limited, but if it is only N, then language should be limited.

What constitutes a curse word?

The s-word, f-word, and the creative words used to describe parts of the anonymity, are considered curse words.

The following words are acceptable as non-curse words unless used prolifically or in a nasty way: damn, hell, shite, frack, kriff, sithspit


-In Feedback
Author's love to have feedback, but sometimes that can backfire. Constructive criticism in regards to a way an author wrote a story is acceptable and useful. Criticism for the sake of trashing a story or the characters in said story are not acceptable. If you do not like a story, then please state why, but general 'trashing' may be edited/censured/deleted by a moderator.
Example of flaming: "What drivel is this, you couldn't write Luke if he came and did it himself. Hack."
Should have said: "Luke seems out of character here, after all, why would he do this without touching the darkside?"

Feedback is not the place to debate a certain area of fiction or writing, such as a character, a pairing, or a style. Constructive debates can be placed inside the Resource Board.

-In General Chat/Debates
We do not all have the same tastes, this makes the word a much more interesting place, but trashing others or bullying a person due to a like or dislike is not acceptable. If you do not agree with someone, please state why and allow for a reasonable debate.
Example of flaming: "You are stupid for thinking that he can actually act, what are you, blind?"
Should have said: "You liked him? I thought his acting was like watching a plank, and the dialogue was constipated to me."

Even if two members can not agree, at least they can disagree nicely.

Lewd Behaviour

We expect our members to act as they would in public with sensible decorum. Innuendo is acceptable, but if members start to post nasty or lewd comments outside the adult areas, they may find themselves subject to censure.

Posting Images/Nudity

Please also see the Posting Art FAQ for more information for posting your art.

In the non-adult areas, no picture may be posted that shows nudity, i.e. nipples (female) and genitalia. Any images posted with this will be removed by moderators.

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 This topic is locked: you cannot edit posts or make replies.