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 FJA - Feedback Junkie Anonymous 
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Hello, my name is JayCee, and I'm a feedback junkie.

While I write for my own enjoyment, I admit that I do love to hear what others have to say, both good and bad, about my writing.

I am ashamed that I don't write detailed replies to others, so don't really expect detailed replies to my own, but it's always a treat to know that my writing was read and enjoyed by others.

I know I'm not the only feedback junkie here, so I thought we could create some kind of support group.

Very Happy


Imperial at heart...
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*stands and clears throat*

Hi, I'm Trace and I'm also a Feedback Junkie.

As a new fanfic writer, I couldn't post before going to bed because I wouldn't sleep and would get up every couple of hours to see if anyone had responded yet. Yeah, it was that bad. Embarassed Fortunately, I got over that and can now sleep at night - though I still can't go to work without checking the boards first, LOL.

I also feel seriously guilty when I don't respond to others right away. I do always respond eventually, but sometimes it takes a week or more, depending on DRL. Hopefully, I can do better with that now that my kids are back in school.

"Star Wars is epic and epic things must occur."
- John Ostrander
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I am a smut feedback junkie. I think I worry overly much with the smut I write--I'm always so worried that I forgot something (like having them remove their shoes). Laughing So I pounce on those reviews, almost as soon as they're posted. But I do love getting positive reviews on any story--they bring such a smile to my face.

It's so funny, though--I'll write something and think that people will love it and that it'll get a lot of reviews. I'll be all eager to check and see if people like it. And, nope, it'll get a few comments. But then I'll throw something together and think, well, maybe someone will like it--and it'll get reviews through the roof! Shows how much I know, huh? Laughing

"Love we have, and passion." Mara/Luke
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