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Jade's Fire

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ginchy wrote:
Congrats, JayCee! Smile

I don't think I mentioned in the thread that I joined a gym as my New Year's Resolution. It's been fun. It's an all women's gym and I go with two of my buddies. Right now I'm only doing treadmill and circuit training, but I joined for a year, so I think I'll end up trying other things. I've actually got some definition in my upper arms already, just from going three times a week! I've noticed that I can run up steps easier and open packages that I used to struggle with here at work. The only bad part is I feel like I'm always going to the gym or just getting back from the gym or thinking about having to go to the gym... it's eating into my fanfic time. Laughing

Let your mind wander when you're on the treadmill, you should be able to come up with all sorts of new ideas!
Makes the workout go faster too.
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