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On a Monday morning, there's never enough coffee. Coffee

Looks like y'all had a really great time!
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Great picture! Looks like you have a few cross overs going on there, huh?

Bring it.
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You know I loved the pic! Very Happy

"Love we have, and passion." Mara/Luke
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Just For Fun. Very Happy

Cross-posted to my Live Journal, but here's a Year in Review Meme of fics written by moi in 2007. They're all posted here or at TFN because I'm not friends enough with LJ yet to post stories there. Razz


Stiiiiill working on The Taming of the Jedi. (Lady Jade, Luke, OCs, Palpatine, Leia, Han, various others) The muse and I have been arguing about the final chapters of this story and it feels like it's. never. going. to. end.


Leading Lines (Kol/Morrigan)
Agent of Life (Luke/Mara)
Broken (Cade)
Raw Vengeance (Dark Mara a.k.a. Lady Jade)
Torn Together (Talon/Shada)
A Convenient Charade (Cade/Deliah)
The Exam Room (Self-parody)
Inamorato (Mara/Vader - a PG song-fic version of the original by the same title, posted as "arica")

Drabbles I wrote this year:

Dabbles in Drabbles (Various)

In the works:

"Taming" ::headdesk:: (repeatedly)

The next One Night. (I do have a couple of pages written, ginchy. Promise!!)

Ongoing Drabble challenge

My favorite fan fic this year:

Torn Together. It started as an idea for an Adult L/M challenge response on the previous SWFF board. However, the original plot bunny was too twisted even for me (yes, I do have limits) and in the re-working of the idea I realized that I had kinda hit a wall with writing L/M and wanted to try something new. Talon/Shada cooperated beautifully, even though it took FOREVER to write.

My best fan fic this year:

Torn Together, again. I tried to incorporate multiple elements (drama, humor, suspense, action, romance) and it ended up being almost too much to squeeze into a single vignette. Editing down to a PG version for TFN was tough - it feels a bit watered-down without the more intense violence/action in the R version - but overall, I'm pretty happy with it.

Most fun writing:

The Exam Room. This practically wrote itself and I had entirely too much fun with the self-parody, LOL.

Sexiest fic:

Because "sexiest" could be interpreted more than one way, I'll pick two -

Romantic: Agent of Life. I didn't write much L/M this year, so this had a warm, homecoming feeling to it.

The polar opposite of Romantic: Raw Vengeance. Because I do so love a sexy, empowered, leather-clad, yellow-eyed, don't-f*ck-with-me Dark!Mara.

Story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters:

Gotta list two here, again -

Agent of Life. It took over a year to complete this 3-page vignette because I could see and feel the scene, but the emotional dynamics proved much harder to put to words. It was originally supposed to be higher-rated, but I eventually felt that the Adult content detracted from the story and it flowed a lot easier once I focused on the intimacy of marriage without going into the explicit details.

Dabbles in Drabbles. I signed up for the Drabble challenge because I hadn't written in a while and was starting to feel stagnant. My hope was that it would obligate me to write something on a regular basis just to keep the creative juices flowing and, because I've been trying to stretch out of the L/M box, the multiple characters/settings/POVs/tenses has forced my perception to change with almost every set.

Hardest fic to write:

Either Agent of Life or Torn Together. Both left me emotionally drained. Also, I'd been writing L/M for so long, that I didn't realize how hard it would be to write non-Force users (Talon/Shada & Co.)

And "Taming." For it to have been a vignette that took on a life of its own and wrote itself for so long, I feel like I'm dragging it into light kicking and screaming toddler tantrum-style now.

Biggest disappointment:

A Convenient Charade. My first foray into writing Legacy comics era and GAWD it's awful, LOLOL!!

Most telling fic:

Raw Vengeance. Wink

Broken. The tip of the iceberg in my infatuation with Cade Skywalker. *blush*

Overall, a fun year. Here's to 2008! Par-Tay!

"Star Wars is epic and epic things must occur."
- John Ostrander
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Torn Together: I adored this, because I've always liked Karrde a bunch and Shada's intriguing Smile

Agent of Life: this just blew me away!!!! Dancing!

The Drabbles: amazing versatility. I've loved seeing the variety of situations and characters. I can imagine writing different couple pairings--L/M, T/S would present different challenges and provide differing kinds of satisfactions: one being comfy and familiar and the other "I got them just right!" Very Happy I also am eagerly awaiting 2008!!! Woo Hoo!!

Luke & Mara forever without end!! Always. Love Dancing!
A.K.A. Jade_eyes, at TFN. Laughing Mischief
Have a SQUGGLES! here also Hugs! Very Happy
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