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 [N] "Beloved" - L/M [Shine] 
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Title: Beloved
Author: ginchy
Rating: Nudity
Genre: Romance, descriptive sex
Summary: Luke and Mara make love for the first time after escaping from Nirauan.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Luke or Mara, or any of the situations. Just letting my favorite characters have some much deserved fun.
Notes: This is an Authorized Continuation of Jedi Trace’s excellent fic, A Smile Like That Thank you so much for letting me write a continuation of the scene… I love the romance of it! The words in italics belong to Jedi Trace.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Relaxing into his embrace, she couldn’t help but notice the firmness of the muscles in his arms as he ran his fingers slowly through her hair. “It’s late,” he said quietly. “I should go.”

Mara stepped back, caressing his face with her eyes and replied simply, “Stay.”

His heart skipped a beat at her unspoken invitation, “Are you sure?”

She smiled. A roguish smile he knew he had never seen before and one he hoped never to forget.

“Oh yes,” she took his hand, still smiling, “I’m sure.”


Luke smiled back, raising the hand that she held in her grip, and lacing his fingers with hers. He allowed their conjoined hands to fall to their sides, as he wrapped his other arm around her waist and tugged her close, dipping his head and brushing his mouth softly over hers, once, twice, three times, deliberately not allowing her to deepen the kiss, or to capture his lips with hers. Mara groaned in disappointment and rose on her toes, leaning her body into his, mouth seeking to find his as he ran his tongue over her plump lower lip.

He chuckled softly against her lips. “Anxious, my love?” he whispered.

Mara kissed him quickly before rocking back on her heels and tugging on his hand. “What do you think?” she murmured, eyes clouded with passion as she walked backwards to the bed, pulling him with her.

He went willingly. “I think…” he stopped, as Mara pulled the long tunic she’d been wearing off over her head, hair falling in glorious disarray around her, as she stood before him in only soft leggings and a black bra. Her lower lip glistened, caught in the light shining from the balcony door, and he had never seen a more perfect sight. “I think… I think that you are beautiful,” he managed to utter, throat working convulsively.

Mara’s lips turned upwards in a soft smile, an unspoken invitation in her eyes. Luke stared into her eyes and moved forward slowly, left hand moving outward. He ran a single finger down her arm, smiling at the gooseflesh that rose in his wake. He continued with his feathery touch, trailing the finger over the upper curve of her breasts, and teasingly into the valley between them. His eyes noted the tightening of her nipples under her bra, and a soft moan escaped his lips, burgeoning hardness beginning to throb between his legs.

Her breathing was rapid, the swell of her breasts rising and falling as he lay his hands at rest holding her waist, pulling her in, and once more laying claim to her soft lips. She opened her mouth immediately to his, tongues skimming, playing, with one another. Her hands found the end of his tunic and ventured underneath, traveling up the warm skin of his stomach and round to his back.

Luke… ” she moaned, pulling her mouth away, dipping her hands and squeezing his firm ass. He bucked his concealed hardness against her, groaning his pleasure at her touch.

His kisses moved downward, over her chin and throat to the delicate pulse of her neck. Her breath was soft, but anxious, in his ear, as his hands spanned upwards from her waist and over her ribcage, before he filled them with her breasts, lightly rubbing the cloth of her bra against her nipples with his thumbs.

“Oh!” she whimpered, thrusting herself further into his care. His own breath came faster as he teased her nipples through her undergarment, moving from light teasing touches to pulling at the hard peaks when Mara’s moans became more pronounced. Quickly, he located the snap between her breasts and flicked it, removing the fabric from her body.

A hot flush had fallen over her pale skin, her nipples a dark rose in the dim light. “Lay down,” he whispered to her hoarsely, and she did, situating herself against the pillows lining the headboard of the bed. Luke’s eyes never strayed from her as he removed his tunic and boots, or when he crawled onto the bed and lowered himself over her body. Her hands gripped his head, fingers tunneling into his hair, bringing his mouth back to hers as their naked chests met for the first time. Mara ran her fingernails lightly down his hard back muscles as his mouth kissed and licked a trail from her lips, down her throat, to the breasts he had already teased with his fingers.

He delicately lapped at one peaked nipple, barely touching it with his tongue. Mara growled low in her throat and pushed her breast forward, wordlessly begging him to take more of it into his mouth.

“Patience, my love,” Luke chided, blue eyes twinkling when he looked up into her face.

“Patience is overrated,” Mara retorted, breathy sigh escaping her lips as he continued his erotic torture of her breast. Achingly slow, he licked at the tight nub, before finally pulling it into his mouth to suckle. A satisfied groan came from Mara, as she bucked her hips forward, rubbing her mound in a small circle against his body.

“I can feel you,” Luke rumbled, releasing her nipple. “I can feel your heat against my stomach…”

“Yes,” Mara purred, grinding herself against him harder. “That’s what you’ve done to me, love…”

“I want to do so much more,” he said, before flicking his tongue over her other breast, and biting softly into it’s hard peak.

“Please…” Mara murmured, looking down at him, hands capturing and massaging his broad shoulders.

He gave her a slow and sensuous smile, before kissing a trail down her belly, to the band of her leggings. She raised her hips and allowed him to remove the pants, shivering as he took initiative and removed her panties along with them. His gaze flickered up and down her nude body. “Gorgeous,” he said, pinning her with his electric eyes.

A warm flush spread over Mara’s cheeks as she felt his pleasure at merely looking at her naked flesh echo through their new bond. “Come here,” she whispered huskily, breath catching in her throat as he reacted to her command on his own terms, dragging his tongue from her mound to the base of her throat, before hovering over her, supported on his forearms.

“Yes?” he asked, looking down at her, one eyebrow cocked, hair spilling over his forehead.

Mara couldn’t resist and reared up to kiss his full lips. “Come closer,” she entreated, burrowing back into the pillows, eyes staring into his innocently.

“Can I trust you?” Luke teased, beginning to lower his aching form over her own.

Mara’s eyes flashed. “No,” she grinned, acting quickly as his weight began to sink into her, flipping them over, and sitting astride his still clothed thighs.

“Taking control?” Luke asked, hissing as she rubbed her damp curls over the reaching member straining in his trousers.

“Do you have a problem with that?” Mara laughed, popping the button on his trousers and lifting herself off his body to remove them.

“Not at all, love,” he said, breath catching in his throat as she wrapped her small hand around his cock through his boxers. “I think that I’ll enjoy it…”

“As will I…” Mara promised, bending to kiss his muscled chest, while her hand pumped the rock-hard muscle in her palm. Luke’s slim hips rose and fell with her movements, while he gasped out his pleasure. A small smile curved her lips when he groaned in disappointment as she removed her hand, but her reasoning was soon made clear as she tugged on the utilitarian gray boxers he wore. He raised himself up and helped her to remove the last barrier between them, a small cry escaping his lips when Mara softly kissed the tip of his enflamed manhood.

She ghosted a hand over his tightening sac, and traced a line over his hipbones, before gripping his powerful thighs in her hands and squeezing, nails bringing a pleasurable bite into his skin. Luke, unable to wait, cupped the back of her head with his right hand, fingers rubbing small circles at her hairline, urging her back up to him. Mara lay full length over his body, legs entwined with his, and kissed him again. His member nudged against her thigh, and Mara giggled. “Who’s the impatient one?” she asked, kissing his chin.

“Definitely me,” Luke grinned, mouth seeking hers again.

Mara covered his lips with hers again, the passion and heat building between them as their kisses grew wetter, and their caresses more daring.

“I need you,” she moaned, pulling back, trembling, from a deep kiss.

Luke ran a hand through her sweaty hair. “And, I, you,” he answered solemnly, voice thick with emotion.

Mara gave a shaky smile, and positioned herself over him, slowly sinking onto his hard member, inch by inch. When he was all the way in, Mara stopped and looked down at him, framing his face in her hands. Her eyes were wet. “You’re…. You’re inside me,” she gasped out, in a voice she didn’t quite recognize.

“Right where I want to be,” Luke answered, his own eyes moist as he reeled her in for a kiss. He grasped her hips but waited for her to begin, groan forced from him as her breasts bounced up and down with her first few movements. He reached for them, but Mara grabbed his hands.

Entwining their fingers, she leaned in and began to move up and down on him, the pleasure of having him deep inside of her drawing pleasurable gasps from her throat. “I want this to last forever,” Mara sighed, slowing her movements, prolonging their shared pleasure.

“Yes…” Luke gasped out, projecting an idea over their new bond. He carefully rolled them onto their sides, his arm laying out flat, Mara’s legs level with his waist. He trailed his left hand through her hair. “How’s this?” he asked softly.

“Wonderful…” Mara whispered, running her trapped hand down his back, and wrapping her free arm over his shoulders.

Luke ran his own arm down her back and pulled her close, embracing her as they began to move as one, seeking friction to quell the urgent need that had built between them.

“Love you,” he murmured, his words deep and intimate. He looked into her eyes, kissing and nibbling at her lips, his thrusts becoming deeper, her own movements spurring him on.

Mara shivered at the intensity in his eyes and voice, the bliss wrought as her body rubbed against his, their arms wrapped around one another, souls inexorably linked. They made quiet love for a long time, wrapped together as they were, bonded by more than just the Force.

After long moments, Luke reached between them and found the tiny nub between her spread legs, right above where their bodies connected, and caressed it. Mara cried out her pleasure and reached for him through their bond, the intimacy of their connected bodies and locked minds overwhelming, and addictive. As their movements brought them to the brink of orgasm, Mara reached out over their bond and whispered her own vow into his mind, “I love you ”.

Luke’s hips bucked against hers one last time, both crying out as their orgasms washed over them in waves of passion, pleasure, and love, radiating out through the Force. In that moment, they were as one, closer even than their initial Force-bonding.

Mara clutched Luke close to her, unwilling to allow his softening member to leave her body as they came down from their sexual high. “I’ve never…” she trailed off, not finding any words to express the wellspring of emotion that threatened to bubble over inside of her.

Luke rolled them back into their original position, slipping from her body, and splaying her over his chest, with her head nestled onto his shoulder. He squeezed her tightly, almost overcome at the depth of his love for her. “I haven’t either,” he said quietly, placing a kiss to the faint scar that ran just below her hairline.

Mara’s eyes fluttered closed in contentment, at his kiss, a smile gracing her lips. “That smile is one I want to see every night for the rest of my life,” Luke said, kissing those smiling lips, before allowing his own eyes to close, following his beloved into sleep.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~[/url]

"Love we have, and passion." Mara/Luke
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Love Hugs! Love Hugs! Love

Thank you for the brilliant "shine" to my little ficlet! It's wonderful!!

I'd offer to return the favor sometime, but I like reading your stuff so much better! Very Happy

"Star Wars is epic and epic things must occur."
- John Ostrander
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you really know how to shine a fic girl... Love

Imperial at heart...
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