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 [N] "Elemental"-L/M [Bonus Scene] 
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Title: Elemental
Author: ginchy
Rating: Nudity
Disclaimer: I don’t own Luke or Mara, or any of the situations. Just letting my favorite characters have some much deserved fun.
Genre: Romance
Summary: Luke and Mara in the bath.
Notes: This is an outtake from my own fic, Element of Surpise


“Now, why don’t you tell me about your daydreams, Skywalker…” Mara said, her voice dropping. “Maybe I can help you fulfill them…”

“I’m sure that you can,” Luke answered, running his hand down her slippery back, and patting her ass softly. “You’ve already fulfilled several just since we’ve been engaged.”

Mara smiled and nipped at his collar bone, moving her hand to run down into the water and over his hip. “Well, are you going to tell me this particular daydream, or do I have to force it out of you?”

Force or force?” Luke asked smartly, pinching her rear.

“Oh, you’re pretty funny now, Farmboy,” Mara said, rising from his chest, to sit at the opposite end of the large tub again. “But you aren’t able to deflect me. Let me hear your bath fantasy.”

Luke gulped, looking embarrassed, and Mara grinned impishly. “We both know you’re not that innocent, Skywalker.” A full blush rose to his cheeks then, and Mara was very pleased. She couldn’t help but like it when he pulled the innocent act, it made her heart and her libido do funny things. His legs were splayed out in front of her, and she ran her hands up them, squeezing his wet knees. “Please tell me,” she said, drawing out the word ‘please’ in a very sensual manner. “Please…”

Luke groaned low in his chest at her pleading. He closed his eyes, apparently in thought, before opening them moments later, hooded with desire. “Okay,” he began, “you win. I’ll tell you my daydream, but...” he trailed off.

Mara shook her head. Lovemaking between them was still new, still an experience that held enough strangeness to be exciting, but already held the deep commitment of lovers eternally bound. Getting up on her knees, she leaned towards him to kiss him softly, reassuringly. “I won’t make fun, love,” she said, kissing his nose. “Promise.”

“You’ll never make fun of me again?” Luke asked, eyebrows scrunched in disbelief.

“I’ll not make fun of you for your daydreams, or erotic fantasies, not ever,” she said. “However, I may poke fun of you at other times for other things,” she clarified. “Just for sport, you know.” She smiled naughtily at him.

“It’s just… Gods, I’m making this sound like something bad! It’s pretty tame, actually, as far as fantasy goes… It’s just that telling a fantasy involves trust, and I know I can trust you, but…”

Mara placed a finger to his lips. “Shhhh… There’s no one here but the two of us. And our lovemaking is only for us. So, tell me your desires, and I’ll show you mine.”

Luke stared at her with his deep blue eyes, running his hands languorously over her hips and belly. “But, Mara, you are my fantasy.”

Mara grinned at him, catching her lower lip between her teeth as she studied him, firm and wet body on display. “And you, Luke, are mine.”

He pulled her towards him then, and she leaned her head down to kiss him. It was strangely heady to be the one to dip her head to kiss him for a change, and though her knees began to ache from her position, she was loathe to change it. Sensing her discomfort, however, Luke pulled back from the kiss and helped her to straddle his body, easing one ache in her body, but igniting an ache of a different kind as her lower body and his met intimately, with warm water still lapping around them.

From her new position Mara let Luke take charge of the kiss, and he swept his tongue inside her mouth, still tasting faintly of the berries he’d eaten earlier. Her back began to dry as they kissed, and Luke dipped his hands into the water, running it down her neck and over her spine, causing faint ripples of delight to run over her body, and her nipples to harden.

Finally, Luke pulled back and spoke. “My very first daydreams while in this bath, were of just being with a woman in the bath. Just holding her, really.” He rubbed Mara’s back, ghosting faint patterns over her skin. “But, then, of course, my daydreams… evolved. And my favorite one was just… watching a woman… a redhead…” Luke tugged on a lock of her red hair, “bathe herself.”

Just watching?” Mara asked coyly, licking her lips.

“At first,” Luke answered, his voice far deeper than the voice the galaxy knew of as belonging to Luke Skywalker, exciting Mara anew. “…But then, well… why don’t I show you?”

“I am far more inclined towards action,” Mara agreed, reaching out beside her to the basket Leia had sent and selecting a soft sponge and a bottle of scented cleanser. “Shall I bathe myself, then?”

Luke swallowed, throat working convulsively. “Please do,” he said, eyes wide, knowing his fiancée would put on quite a show for his benefit.

And Mara sought to do just that. “Watch me,” she whispered, sitting the bottle of cleanser on the side of the tub, and wetting her sponge. She moved back off of Luke, and sat just out of his easy reach, near the tub’s facet and controls. She lifted the wet sponge and threw back her neck, squeezing it and allowing the warm water to slide down her throat, and over her breasts and belly. She repeated the action, letting the sponge’s water loose on her drying hair, rewetting it so that it clung to her face, neck and shoulders.

She flashed him a quick look and was pleased to find that he was breathing harder, watching her intently. Picking up the bottle of cleanser she abandoned her sponge, setting it afloat towards Luke. She squeezed a generous amount of the fragrant soap into her hands, replacing the bottle before rubbing her slim hands together and creating a foam of bubbles. She began with her neck, arching it and delicately rubbing, tickling herself in the process. She proceeded down her body, skipping her breasts to clean her belly instead, relishing the groan of disappointment that erupted from the man watching her. Finally, she lifted her hands to her breasts, soaping and massaging them, not venturing towards her nipples.

Luke moaned at the sight of his fantasy come to life in the form of Mara Jade. Creamy wet skin, deep rivulets of red hair, firm and soapy breasts…

Mara looked up at him as she finally took her own nipple into her fingers, rolling it and pinching it in the pretense of bathing, giving a quiet cry as the sensation ran down into her core. She consciously tried to avoid looking at Luke, to give the allusion of a voyeuristic fantasy, but she found that she couldn’t, as she took note of his muscled chest heaving with desire and of his hand slowly pumping up and down his hard and reaching member. “Luke,” she whispered, almost overcome.

He shook his head, eyes pleading with her to continue. She nodded jerkily and took more cleanser from the bottle, the sound of the bottle connecting with the side of the tub loud in the room, where the only noise came from accelerated breathing, quiet moans, and the gentle lap of water.

She lifted a leg straight in the air and cleaned it, cleft throbbing as she felt his eyes draw straight to it, with the position of her leg. The water was still warm from the dial settings, but the bubbles they’d been relaxing in had long begun to fade, allowing him his look at her heated flesh. Lowering her leg and spreading herself open, she moved her soapy fingers towards her sexual heat, slicker and wetter than even the water that surrounded them in the bath.

Both she and Luke moaned as she made contact, Mara’s eyes unfocusing as she rubbed the tiny nub of her desire. She clenched her legs together to increase the delicious friction she was causing, desiring more of the pleasure she was giving herself. But one look up into Luke’s desire-filled blue eyes, and her mind changed. He was still lightly grazing his fingers over his own need, and Mara decided it was time for his fantasy to become theirfantasy.

Removing her hand from her body, she looked up at her lover. “I could use someone to help me bathe,” she said sexily, looking at him from under her long eyelashes. “There are some spots I just can’t quite reach.”

Luke caught his breath at her invitation, but recovered quickly, picking up the sponge that she had used earlier. “Should I use the sponge to reach those spots?” he asked, eyes roaming over her hungrily.

“Oh, no,” Mara answered, moving towards him, seeking to straddle him once more. “I’m thinking there’s something else entirely you can use to reach this certain spot…” she looked eagerly on his maleness, poised and ready, it seemed, to give her pleasure.

“If you insist,” he said, dropping the sponge back into the basket and helping Mara to straddle and ease her wet opening onto his rigid member. “Oh, gods,” he groaned, throwing his head back as she sank onto him, “you feel so good…”

Mara, gasping with the pleasure of being filled by him herself, leaned forward to lick his exposed neck. She cried out when his fingers moved under the water and into her slick folds and found her pleasure nub. It was all the encouragement she needed to move, rising up and down on him with phenomenal muscle control. Luke was no slouch himself, deftly playing with the center of her pleasure, while managing to thrust up into Mara’s body as she moved down.

Mutual moans, sighs of pleasure, and splashing water echoed around the ‘fresher as the entwined lovers moved towards ecstasy. Luke moved his hand from her nub to her hips, tilting his lower body so that she came into contact with his pelvis, and used his arm strength to help her movement become quicker, more efficient.

“So good, Luke, so good…” she moaned into his ear, wriggling and moving against him to keep the friction going. Luke’s breath was coming faster and in shorter gasps, he was close, so close… Mara relished his sounds of pleasure, and knowing that she was responsible, and the friction of their bodies was so good…

Mara fell over the edge into a chasm of pleasure, quivering and crying out, muscles clamping onto Luke, pulling at him. She let her head fall forward, body content in pleasure. Luke thrust into her a few more times before finding his own completion with a shout, squeezing his love tightly in his arms as that perfect moment enfolded him.

They lay together, breathing in tandem, bodies covered in sweat and water, cleanser still evident in the slickness of their skin. Mara snuggled again against Luke’s chest as his organ softened inside her, she had no desire to move off of him. “I love you,” she whispered, the echoes of his love, lust, and pleasure reaching to her through their Force-bond.

“And I love you,” Luke said, breath beginning to even out, “so much. Thank you for making my fantasy a reality.”

Mara hummed. “My pleasure,” she said, giggling softly. “Literally.”

They lay in the water a while longer, finally draining and leaving the tub as the water grew cool. Luke exited the tub first, drying himself and wrapping the towel around his waist, before helping Mara from the tub and wrapping her own fluffy towel around her body. He sat her on the side of the tub and leaned in to run his hands over her towel-clad body.

“You know,” he said, grinning just a bit mischievously, “my old bedroom is just one door down.”

“Oh yeah?” Mara answered, eyebrow quirked.

Luke nodded solemnly. “Mmm-hmm…. And you know, I used to have quite a few daydreams involving that room, too.”

“Did you, now?” Mara asked, tracing his spine as he loomed over her. “You do know there is no furniture in there, don’t you?” she asked, teasing him.

“Well, there are four perfectly good walls,” he said, “and who said anything about my fantasy involving furniture?”

Mara grinned. “Looks like we’re in for a long night, Skywalker. The first of many I‘d wager, if we‘re going to try and run through all your daydreams.”

“Not just mine,” Luke said, picking her up from the tub and exiting the fresher with her in his arms. “We can work on your fantasies, too.”

Mara gasped as he removed her towel and pressed her bare back against the cool wall of his old bedroom. She reflexively wrapped her legs around his waist, reaching one hand down to remove his towel. Looking into his beautiful eyes, she smiled. “Being with you is the only fantasy I’ve ever had,” she said, pulling his body closer to her with her legs. “So you’d better make it worth my while,” she teased before kissing him.

Luke pulled back from her lips a bare inch. “Together, Mara, we’ll fulfill one another’s fantasies.”

Mara hummed in agreement. “And after this, we’ll just have to take another bath,” she said, smiling into his lips.

“I’ll not complain over that,” Luke answered, palming a breast in his hand. “After all,” he said, punctuating each word with a kiss to her lips, “we have all night.”

And throughout that night, daydream fantasy became reality, over and over again.

"Love we have, and passion." Mara/Luke
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oh yes girl, almost forgot you were the Queen of Bubbles. Wink

Got to love L/M checking out each other's fantasies... Very Happy

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Wonderfully written. For a farmboy that grew up on a planet where water itself was a luxury, a bath in it was surely a small fantasy all its own, but to do so with Mara - perfection.

You write them both very well, and relay the sensual details of the steamy bath beautifully.



"I write because I want to have more than one life."
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