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 [N] Hand of Fate - L/M [Bonus Scene] 

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Disclaimer: It's George's sandbox; I'm simply destroying the sandcastles.

Title: Hand of Fate
Author: Jade_Max
Rating: Nudity
Timeframe: Post "The Last Command" AU
Characters: Luke, Mara
Summary: Mara seduces Luke
Notes: "outtake" or extra scene to my story " Hand of Fate"

Thank you to ginchy for pointing me at this board for a place to post it Very Happy

This is the latter half of Chapter 23

Karrde's intrusion had effectively shifted the mood from amorous to tense, reminding Luke of everything that had happened that day and Skyes' visit - along with what would happen the following morning. It was the last thing Mara had wanted and an obstacle she hadn't anticipated.

Luke ate economically - he was gratifyingly clean and neat when it came to his food - and broached the one topic she had intended to avoid for the night.

"So what are we going to do about this test in the morning?"

Mara made a rude noise in the back of her throat, reaching for the wine that she'd ordered along with the meal. "I want to deal with it in the morning. We're supposed to be enjoying tonight, not worrying about the morning, remember?"

"I can't help it," he told her softly. "I don't want to lose you, Mara."

"I'm not going anywhere, farmboy," she returned with a half smile. "Besides, something will come up and we'll figure our way out. You'll see."

"You seem very confident."

"Do I?" She interjected a musing tone into her words, unwilling to reveal why she was so confident.

He nodded. "It's very optimistic for you - you're normally more of a realist."

"I must have learned that from you - among other things."

"Nothing bad I hope."

Not yet. Her response was carefully composed in a small shrug. "Time will tell. How's your dinner?"

"Delicious," he admitted. "But Karrde's visit just about killed my appetite."

She didn't dare touch him just yet and risk revealing her plans, so she settled for placing her fingers at the base of the glass holding her drink. Using two fingers, she slowly ran them up and down the stem as she considered what exactly to say. Karrde's visit hadn't just killed his appetite, it had killed his mood, and she needed to find a way to get it back. Continuing to stroke the glass absently, she completely missed that Luke's gaze was drawn, and then riveted to her hand.

Looking away from him, she propped her chin in her other palm, searching for inspiration. "It'd be a shame," she finally said at length, as the silence started to stretch between them once more. "To let all of this go to - Luke?"

Luke's gaze wasn't on her, but on her hand and Mara stilled what she was doing, taking note of the flush in his cheeks and the slightly ragged edge to his breathing. A wicked urge possessed her and she slid closer - he didn't seem to notice - exposing the thigh he'd been so focused on earlier, and ran her fingers deliberately up and down the glass stem once more. Luke sucked in a sharp breath - and practically jumped off the seat as her hand slid into his lap, caressing his upper thigh.

"You know," she mused softly. "I can do the same for you."

He froze at her suggestive tone, the blatant invitation impossible to miss. Opening his mouth to respond, no sound emerged initially until he finally managed to croak out one word, her hand seeming to brand him where it lay. "Here?"

"You had somewhere else in mind?"

"I don't think this is a good-"

Mara shifted closer, her eyes half hooded as his thigh clenched under her palm. Lifted her hand from her glass stem, she reached across the table, holding his gaze, and then deliberately wrapped both fingers around the base of his wine glass. Deliberately, she resumed what she'd been doing to hers and slid her fingers up and down the stem with exquisite slowness.

"It settles the wine," she told him softly, watching as emotions played across his features. "And adds to the bouquet. It's the least I can do for you after you danced with me."

He didn't know if he should laugh - or cry - from the blatant tease. The not-so-innocent image her fingers were deliberately stroking in his mind coiled in the part of his anatomy she'd hoped to affect with her little by-play and he knew he likely looked ready to expire from asphxia.

Just the image of what that motion promised was shredding the last vestiges of his control - and she knew it, damn her!


"You don't like well settled wine, Luke?"

"Stop it."

Her smile turned into a sexy challenge full of promise and daring. "Make me."

The words hung between them as Mara's fingers squeaked on the glass one last time. The noise sounded like a blaster shot in the sudden silence between songs, and Luke's control snapped. She'd pushed him, and pushed him, deliberately playing on his fantasies and this was the last he could stand. Mara was an adult, as he was, and she was asking for it - boy was she ever! - and Luke intended to see she got what she asked for and more.

Moving with blinding speed, Luke caught her hand and sent the glass spinning away as he hauled her into his lap and down. Their lips connected with almost bruising force, Mara having slanted hers the moment before they connected, her hand caught between them and pressed intimately against his erection. She palmed his length, pushing against him in a mockery of what she'd been doing to the glass as Luke released one hand to dive between them and capture it.

His other hand clamped mercilessly around the back of her neck, holding her in place as his mouth opened under hers, and their tongues collided. Mara moaned softly as he repaid the favor. His hand caught hers, twining their fingers together and he twisted his wrist, bringing the back of his knuckles against the aching center at the apex of her legs that begged for his touch. Shifting on his thighs, she struggled to get closer.

Luke tore his lips away from hers, their ragged breathing off counter point to the soft music in the background. "We're leaving."

"To see a holo?"

He growled at her, putting her on her feet before sliding to his. He only barely remembered to signal they were finished by pressing a button on the console before he tugged Mara's hand and practically dragged her from the restaurant. The little creature who'd seated them bounced around nervously, asking questions and wanting to know about their hasty departure - Luke gave no answer and Mara...

Mara was fascinated by this side of him.

The Luke Skywalker she'd been living with had hidden this purpose driven, commanding man beneath the carefully controlled exterior. He helped her into the speeder, taking the controls this time, but never relinquishing her hand. It ended up flattened under his, tight against his thigh, as he skillfully controlled the speeder and sent it hurtling through the sky lanes at breakneck speeds.

They made it to the turbo lift before Luke drew her close again, pressing her against the back of the lift to smother her lips in a devastatingly - and surprisingly - skillful kiss. Her shields wavered under the onslaught, giving back as good as she got and forcing him to respond to her. The effect was the end of their kiss as Luke buried his face in the side of her neck and fought for the control he'd need to get them back to the apartment. Despite that fight, his lower body began to thrust against hers, an echo of what was to come.

A sweep of his arm as they exited the turbo lift sent the holo news droids following them careening into various walls. Mara unlocked the door with unsteady hands, pressing the activation plate only heartbeats before Luke pressed her forward and into their apartment.

All pretenses of control were lost as Mara turned on him, backing Luke into the door as she blindly activated the locks, her lips finding his to resume the kiss they'd shared at the restaurant. Luke returned it in kind, challenging her, demanding all of her. His hands slid along the back and sides of her gown, finding the parts and he groaned against her lips.

"You're driving me crazy in this."

Her hands left the sides of his face, sliding between them and around to grasp his backside firmly. "That's fair," she bit his lower lip, sucking it into her mouth to sooth it with her tongue before completing her response. "You drive me crazy when you bend over. There should be a law against it."

His laugh was half agonized chuckle, have moan, as he searched for the clasps on her gown, his hands running across her skin with the practiced ease of a man who knew what to do with a woman. He searched her back, his hands moving possessively over her hips, up her sides - stopping to feel the silken glide of her skin against his finger tips - and down across her belly to delve into the long slit at the front, but failed to find what he was looking for.

Mara, for her part, had his shirt open and hanging free, her hands sliding over the smooth musculature of his chest with purpose as she finally tore her mouth away and followed where her fingers had gone. Shed' pressed a single, open mouthed kiss high on one pectoral before Luke suddenly held her at arm's length.

For a half moment of absolute dread Mara wondered if he'd somehow found the superhuman strength to cling to his principals, to deny her when this was what she so obviously wanted - but Luke's agonized question assured her otherwise.

"Where's the fastener, Mara?"

It took a moment for her to recall what exactly he was asking about. "In the knot, of course."

"Of course." He grasped the trailing ends that were tied together between her breasts. Wrapping them around his hands, he pulled her back to him, his lips claiming hers once more, but with his hands trapped between them. His fingers teased her nipples through the fabric, cupping the weight of the globes as he'd been yearning to do since she'd appeared before him in the Justice's office.

Darkness, lit only by the wavy lights of passing sky cars as they raced through the sky lanes, encased them like the lovers they were about to become.

Mara edged backwards, Luke following like a leashed pet as she backed up, reaching down to work on the fasteners of his pants and belt. Her fingers brushed against the tip of his erection, coming away wet. His belt came free easily enough, dropping to the floor somewhere behind them, his pants parting under her fingers. Luke found the clasp as Mara stepped back once more and the dress slid effortlessly down, losing all form as it pooled about her feet. His hands free, Mara pushed his shirt off his shoulders and it fell with a whisper, unnoticed and unmissed as Luke pulled her close.

Her breasts flattened against his chest, her nipples hard, sensitized points against his flesh. Luke knew, for he twisted, rubbing them with his skin even as he lifted one hand to fondle and left the other around her waist, keeping her plastered against him.

With that contact, Mara's barriers began to fall.

Coherent thought was lost as they almost stumbled over the couch - and chose to go no further. Luke broke the kiss as he knelt, taking Mara with him to the floor. Unable to wait, he swept his hands down over her body in a possessive caress that hooked into the bands across her hips and dragged them downwards. A moment later, his pants joined the rest of their discarded clothes and his painfully erect sex arced towards his belly.

He didn't bother with Mara's shoes, leaving them where they were as he joined her once more, sliding one hand down to test her readiness even as he sought her lips once more.

Wet, throbbing heat met his fingers for an instant - and then Mara took control. With a twist of her body and a shift of her hips, she grasped his shoulders and rolled, centering the dripping lips of her sex over the head of his. On his back, Luke let out a strangled moan as Mara's body accepted him completely, taking his entire length in one wet stroke.

Mara lifted her hips once and then twice as his hands found her breasts - and in that moment both of them slipped. Whatever vestiges of control they might have had faltered, disappearing completely as they exploded.

Mara's climax took her by complete surprise; Luke's a heartbeat behind, triggered by the suddenness of hers. As their bodies found completion, Mara's mental defenses shattered, opening her completely to the man beneath her. Luke's body remained firmly lodged in hers; a prisoner as much to his own passions as to the solid grasp of her inner muscles as they unknowingly entered the final stages of their Force bond's completion.


Waking sometime later to darkness - and the soft caress of bare fingers at the base of her spine and over the curve of her buttocks - Mara noted she was still where she'd fallen; draped across Luke's naked body on their living room floor, his sex still partially caught within hers and growing harder by the moment. Her lips curved; it hadn't been a long event, but it had certainly been worth it.

Lifting her head, she met Luke's gaze - and froze.

His eyes were just barely visible to her in the darkness that still cloaked the room, shimmering pools of heated blue that echoed what she could feel in his body. He wasn't done with her yet.

"I see you're awake."

Mara arched an eyebrow at him, making to move away - but Luke simply grasped her hips and sat her up - impaling her once more on his growing and throbbing shaft. Luke turned the tables on her this time, rolling her to her back and angling her hips as he withdrew, only to thrust forward once more.

He hadn't been fully erect when she'd been pulled down on him, even now he wasn't completely erect, but she could feel him growing with each thrust, the sensation utterly and completely new even as she could feel the way she felt to him. Arching her back, she pressed down on his sex with her own even as he braced his arms on either side of her. His hair fell into his eyes as he claimed her, the rhythm of his penetration even and measured as he set the pace for this coupling.

Mara arched to meet him, tilting her hips and finding his rhythm, her hands sliding up his chest as her feet - still in her heels - locked together at his back. Luke bent down to kiss her, stopping just shy and smiled wickedly. "I want to make you scream."

The effect of that rough desire was immediate and her body convulsed, her sex tightening around his with the delicious thought. She picked up the images of what he intended to do to her - to do with her - without trying, unaware that he was doing the same to her. One of his hands lifted with unerring accuracy and dove to where their bodies were joined to find the small bundle of nerves that would send her over the edge.

Mara's body bowed with the pleasure, Luke's mouth latching onto one nipple as he caught her about the back and brought her upright on his lap. On his knees, using one arm to support her, he continued to thrust, his speed increasing as he teased her most sensitive pleasure center. Her body tightened, her muscles contracting just as the inner walls of her sex did around his as she hurtled towards her peak.

Changing the rhythm of his strokes, Luke pulled out for a fraction of a second and bent Mara's upper body back towards the floor over his arm before driving into her once more. She let out a gasp, clutching his biceps for support as her finger nails dug into his skin. Something about the angle of his penetration, combined with his fingers on her clit drove her over the edge in a wave of sensation she hadn't yet experienced - and she did scream; just for him.

The start of it echoed through the apartment - the end lost in the recesses of Luke's mouth as he laid her flat once more and fastened his lips over hers.

Trembling in his grasp from one of the most intense orgasmic experiences of her life, Mara returned his kiss on pure instinct alone, her body responding to his without conscious thought as Luke slowed the tempo of their mating and finally eased out of her completely.

She was lucid enough by that point to know he hadn't climaxed and pushed herself onto her elbows as Luke sat back on his haunches. "Need some help with that?"

"I was thinking," he told her with a faint smile, his finger tracing the strap of her shoe across her ankle. "That we have a perfectly good bed down the hallway and while I don't mind the floor, I'd rather not give you - or I - rug burn."

"You know about rug burn do you?" Mara slanted him a 'come hither' smile. "It's gratifying to know your time with Rogue squadron wasn't wasted."

Luke laughed huskily. Catching the hand she extended, he gently kissed the tips and then rose, taking her to her feet with him. "Last one in the bed has to be on top."

She turned on the ball of one foot with a graceful move - and stopped. "Only," she amended quickly. "If they don't want to be."

Luke caught her at the doorway to his room - what would become their room - by the hips and followed her in. He was inside her, his length pressing into her sex before they hit the edge of the bed, as they tumbled down to the sheets. Mara ended up on her hands and knees, Luke behind her, his lips grazing the delicate arch of her spine and the strong muscles in her shoulders as he readjusted his grip on her hips and took her once more.

It was the third of many positions they'd experiment with both in, out and on the bed. When they finally slept, exhausted, Luke caught an errant thought from Mara's refreshingly unshielded mind. In the morning, she wanted to experiment in the shower. In the morning, he hoped they'd be able to move. Somewhere they'd find a happy medium.
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Yay! It's here! Dancing! It's much easier to read (and re-read) this here than in my PM list on TF.N. Wink

JM, I think you should post your entire fic on this board. I'd love to read it again, and I'm sure those that haven't seen your fic on TF.N would love it! Very Happy

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Yay! Great to see it on here! *goes to reread*

And I wouldn't mind to see the whole story posted 'round here... Very Happy

"Love we have, and passion." Mara/Luke
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*laughs* Thanks guys Smile I never realized until I started writing them how much fun these two could be!

The whole story 'round these parts, hm? I'll see what I can do about that *grin*
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+1 for posting the rest of it on this board!

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