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 [N] "The Prize" - L/M [Shine] 
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Title: The Prize
Author: ginchy
Disclaimer: I don’t own Luke or Mara, or any of the situations. Just letting my favorite characters have some much deserved fun.
Rating: N - Nudity
Genre: Romance, Descriptive Sex
Summary: Luke and Mara make love on Garqi, during their before the wedding trip.
Notes: More ginchy-shine! This is a missing moment set in chapter one of JayCee’s Union's Shadow. Thanks for letting me write this gal, and for all of your input! The sentence in italics comes from Union. Thanks for reading!

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

“Is Mara’s hand in marriage part of the peace pack----?”

The holoreporter’s insensitive question was cut short by Mara’s hand, as she savagely slammed it against the holoreceiver, effectively turning it off, and rendering it nil as a service device.

The night sounds of Garqi were close, and louder now that the shrill voices of the holoreporters had been silenced. A cool breeze fluttered overhead, trees, heavy with leaves, rustled softly as Luke reached a tentative hand out towards his new fiancée.

“Don’t,” she bit out, scooting away from his touch, off the pallet they shared. “I just…” Mara swallowed hard.

“I don’t appreciate it anymore than you, love,” Luke began, voice soothing. “Especially that anyone would insinuate that you are any sort of… prize to be won, or given.”

Silence stretched out between them, the only human noise coming from Mara’s accelerated breath. She turned.

“How can you be so calm?” she asked.

“What?” Luke’s brow furrowed.

“Your voice; your words belied it, but the tone of your voice just now bordered on being… peaceful.”

“Because I know what they are saying is false,” Luke answered in his soft voice, eyes catching and holding Mara’s.

Mara stared back and into the depths of his eyes. “You do,” she said. It was not a question, but Luke nodded anyway.

Turning, Mara got onto her knees and crawled back onto the pallet, hands spread before her, just below Luke’s upraised and spread legs. His eyes widened beyond fractionally, and she grinned at him devilishly.

“I suppose,” she said, crawling further in-between his legs, until she had to move herself over his body, palms on the ground behind him, “that the galaxy just can’t imagine their Golden Boy with such a naughty girl as me.” Mara licked her lips at the hitch in Luke’s breath.

“I don’t even think I ever imagined myself with someone as naughty as you,” he said, voice rougher than it had been only moments before.

“But you like it,” Mara purred, ghosting her tongue over the warm hollow of his throat.

“Yes,” he hissed out, through a shuddering breath. “I do.”

“Words to remember, my love,” she whispered damply into his ear, before delicately nibbling at the sensitive lobe.

“Mara…” Luke’s strong hands grabbed her arms then, lifting her palms from the ground and rocking her back on her knees as he sat forward and claimed her mouth in a searing kiss. His tongue broke through her lips first, sweeping in and groaning out his pleasure at her taste. Not to be outdone, Mara grasped his face in her hands and quickly took control of the kiss, stroking his tongue with hers as she kneeled over him in the dominant position.

Running her hands down his neck to his shoulders, she kneaded them, pushing on them until Luke lay back on the pallet. Breathing heavily, he looked up at her with hooded blue eyes, mouth swollen and red from their kisses. Mara smiled at the sight of him before removing her black tank, and reaching for the clasp of her bra. His eyes widened as he looked at her bare breasts, their love-making still new enough for their nude forms to be an unfamiliar sight. His hands rose to touch her, but Mara laced her fingers with his and lowered herself onto his body, claiming his mouth once again.

He undulated beneath her, running his hands up and down her silky back, tugging at the waistband of her shorts until she relented and pulled back to remove them as well.

“You’ve got a naked woman on top of you, Skywalker,” she grinned down at him, moving suggestively over the hardened bulge in his trousers. “What are you going to do about it?”

He grinned back at her from his prone position, the hair falling over his eyes making him look much younger than his years. “I’m going to wait and see what her first move is,” he answered softly.

“Smart man,” she whispered, nipping at one hardened nipple through the fabric of his tunic.

He hissed at the touch and allowed her to remove the shirt, thrusting up against her as she ran her tongue over the hard muscles of his chest and swirled it over his firm nipples. Placing a line of kisses down the center of his chest, she slid her tongue in a circle over his navel before running it along the line of his trousers.

“Mara…” Luke all but growled.

“What?” she asked, looking up at him through the curtain of her hair. The heat of his erection burned just below her chest, and she leaned forward, barely brushing her peaked nipple against him.

He gasped, hands clenching at his sides as he watched her. Mara, just out of his comfortable reach, gave a feral smile before popping the button on his trousers, slowly peeling them from his erection. Luke lifted his hips and she pushed the fabric down, catching and taking his boxer-briefs down with them.

Mara’s breath quickened as she looked at him, completely nude to her gaze. Her eyes lingered over his erection, watching it twitch at her perusal. Wrapping her fingers around him, she gave a light squeeze, amazed at the velvet softness of his hot skin. Pumping upwards with her hand, a drop of milky fluid escaped the tip of his cock, and Mara couldn’t resist leaning in and lapping at it, squeezing her legs together at the warm rush between them with the sexy moan that escaped the Jedi’s lips at her action.

Slowly, she teased him, taking the head of his member into her mouth and sucking, tongue working the sensitive indentation below the head, until Luke was groaning from pleasure. He worked his hands into her red tresses, lightly pulling until the let him fall from her mouth. With one last kiss to his pulsing need, she trailed her tongue back up over his stomach and chest, until she finally met his mouth again, his hands in her hair allowing him the manipulation and control of the kiss.

His mouth was firm against hers, tongue delving deep, twining around and teasing hers. Mara moaned into the kiss as he traced the delicate inner lines of her lips, one hand abandoning her hair to slide down her slick back and grasp her bottom, thrusting up as he pushed her down, grinding her aching mound against his lower belly.

Pulling back with a tug to his lower lip, Mara sighed his name in pleasure. Leveraging herself with her hands on his chest, she spread her legs wide and lowered herself onto him, easily taking him into her receptive wet heat.

He thrust up, driving into her depths, hands coming to rest on her hips, but Mara wiggled from side to side, pushing in against his chest to dislodge his grip.

“My ride,” she whispered, licking the dimple on his chin, whimpering when he swelled and throbbed in response to her words.

Reaching back, she grasped his slightly upraised legs with her hands, forcing her chest up and out, while her slick center rubbed against the wiry hairs and warm skin of his groin. Beginning slowly, she pushed herself up and down on his hard length, breath gasping out at each bump of her excited clit on his flesh.

“Mara….” Luke whispered her name again, as she clenched around him, prolonging his strokes inside of her as she kept her momentum going. Up and down, she used her leg muscles to her advantage, beginning to move faster and faster as their pleasure increased.

Chest slick with sweat, Luke was panting, groaning breaths releasing his pleasure at her frantic movements. Her breasts were bouncing as her movements hastened, and their love-making quickened. Mara’s clit twitched and she gave a small cry when Luke licked his lips, his eyes watching her bouncing breasts.

She pulled up and off of him momentarily, to reposition her legs, and gave a quick kiss to silence his moan of disappointment as he slipped from her tight heat. The quick kiss turned into a lingering moment of control play, Luke winning as he probed his tongue deeply into her mouth, grabbing and twisting on a nipple, pushing his slick cock against her thigh.

Eagerly, Mara slid back down onto his length, leaning into his body, grasping his shoulders, pushing her soft breasts against him.

“Gods, please…” he ground out, grabbing her hips and forcing her to move again.

His fevered movements brought her aching clit into contact with his body over and over and over again until Mara was sobbing from the pleasurable, hot sting that radiated out from the small nub of her bliss. Their cries and moans drowned out any of the previously heard night-noises outside their tent, and the complete anonymity of their surroundings allowed Mara the freedom to scream out her satisfaction as the pressure in her clit exploded in spasms that wracked her body and pulled and milked tightly at Luke’s.

Collapsing against him, Mara licked a firm nipple and moaned as he constricted and swelled inside of her, groaning his own ecstasy while he thrust messily against her, satiated from passion and completion.

One muscled arm fell limply over her back, and Mara sighed, ear pressed against his chest, listening to the frantic but steadying rhythm of his heart. After a moment, she lifted her head, smiling as he brought his other hand up to brush the hair out of her eyes and behind her ear.

She kissed his chin. “They don’t know that I make you happy,” she whispered.

“No,” Luke answered, his left hand ghosting down the side of her face. “But they will.”

They were silent for a long moment, bond open, love and lust swirling between them.

Mara’s eyes glistened with tears, but she gave a small laugh, and placed a kiss to Luke’s smiling lips. “Yeah, one look at your dopey smile post coitus, and anyone would know.”

“Hey!” Luke pretended to be offended, but laughed, though he swatted her on the bottom in retribution.

“Is that any way to treat your future wife?” Mara grinned, pressing in close to him as his hand lingered.

“Only if she likes it,” he answered, kissing her softly.

“She does,” Mara answered with a naughty grin, before tapping her fingers against his chest contemplatively.

Luke waited, stroking his hand softly over her lower back.

“Do you think… am I viewed as your prize?” she asked, thinking back to what he’d said before they made love, and to the holoreporter‘s insensitive comments.

His eyes clouded for a moment, before realizing what she meant. “Well… you’re certainly a prize to me…” he hugged her close.

Mara smiled against his chest, listening to his breath even out as her nearness and his sexual satisfaction lulled him to sleep. Comforted, but not entirely convinced, Mara followed his lead, and fell into sleep.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Their talk continues in Chapter 1 of “Union’s Shadow” Very Happy

"Love we have, and passion." Mara/Luke
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