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 Spoiler Rules FAQ 
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Spoiler Rules FAQ

Any posts which do not abide by the following rules can be edited at the discretion of the moderators.

Spoiler information must be coloured out. Use the following code to colour out spoiler information, do note you will need to remove the spaces.

[ color=#7A7A7A]Spoilers[ /color]

Highlight below to see the effect of this spoiler colouring.

Spoilers can be very bad for some people's health.

What constitutes a spoiler?

Due to the global nature of this forum, some information may be seen by individuals of one country before that of another. Some Star Wars books, and the upcoming animated television series, will not have global release dates.

Any information should be placed in spoiler colours until at minimum two weeks after the release date in the country of origin.

However, for major events, such as a death of a character, spoilers should be kept in spoiler colours for as long as possible.

Spoiler threads

For major events, specific spoiler threads may be made. Colour blanking does not need to be used except in the first thread (which will tell the reader what they are viewing) so that they may exit before seeing too much.

Spoiler threads must have [SPOILERS] at the beginning of their thread title.

Spoiler-Free threads

Threads may be made that are spoiler-free for those wanting to wait till the release date. You may not post spoiler information in these threads. Please make your own spoiler thread instead.

Spoiler-free threads must have [SPOILER-FREE] at the beginning of their thread title.

But other countries won't get this information for a whole year!

This mostly applies to the general chat area where anything from the latest Film Releases to favourite TV series may be discussed. Some television shows or movies will not be released in other countries for upwards of a whole year. In this case, Country of Origin rule applies.

All information is considered spoiler for two weeks after release in the Country of Origin. The Country of Origin is the country which produces and airs the show/film. i.e. StarGate's Country of Origin is the US and Dr Who's Country of Origin is the UK.

Any information posted after two weeks in the thread for that show/film does not need to be blanked. Those in other countries should not visit these threads if they are afraid of learning too much.

If you are posting outside the thread for that show/film, please use Spoiler Colours or at least some other notification. Example SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!!! Vader is Luke's father.

My thread has been edited.

Moderators reserve the right to colour code any information they feel is spoiler information, either because of time frame released or location of information posted.

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 This topic is locked: you cannot edit posts or make replies.