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 [N] Dark Visions - L/M [VIG] 
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Title: Dark Visions
Rating: N, descriptive sex
Genre: Angst
Timeframe: AU OT
Summary: Luke has gone to the darkside and is now Lord Vespesian, and he has certain designs on the Emperor's Hand.
Note: I took the name Lord Vespesian from a fiction on, but for the life of me, I have no idea who it was and I lost the name with the last forum. If it was you, please me know so I can put a nod to you and your wonderful fic!

Dark Visions

“You asked to see me, Lord Vespesian?” Mara stood just inside his chambers, watching the cloaked figure turn slowly towards her, electric blue eyes visible, just a hint of yellow at the edges.

“The rebels, on Ord Mandell,” he asked with disinterest, “are you sure their leader was not among them?”

“As I stated in my report,” she tried not to let her annoyance filter into her tone, “Organa-Solo had not been in contact with that particular cell in several months.”

He turned back to the wide span of transparasteel in front of him, “I see.”

Too many moments of silence passed without an official declaration of her right to leave, so she took it upon herself to go anyway. Her hand was hovering above the control switch for the door when a throaty voice called, “Did I say you could leave?”

Mara sighed, letting her hand fall to her side. “If you keep doing this, I will ask our master for something to be done. You waste my time.”

“Keep doing what?” though their backs were to each other, she could feel the smug grin on his face.

“Summoning me to you,” she turned and faced him. “I don’t know why you do it, how you can think this time will be different. I will not be your concubine, Lord Vespesian, I have my own job to do in this Empire.”

He spun suddenly, his cloak billowing, one hand rose, pointing accusingly at her. “I have all the concubines I want, but what I asked of you means so much more!”

“Hardly,” she snorted. “All your concubines and you can’t produce a single heir, and some random dream you have says I am the only one that can help you with this.”

“It wasn’t a dream,” he gritted, “it was a vision.”

“To bad,” she replied with disinterest. “I have no intention of letting you bed me, and that decision was final the first time you asked.”

“You can’t deny this of me!” he barked.

“I already have,” she replied quietly, a smirk gracing her lips. Wanting to be done with all this she turned and palmed the door release.

Nothing happened.

She was a second too late, and not strong enough in the Force, to stop what happened next. Her wrists were caught in invisible grips and slammed against the metal door, a warm body pressed against her back to push her flush to the cool surface.

“You rape me,” she kept her calm as she had been trained to do under pressure, “and our master will not pleased with you.”

“No doubt he’d castrate me if I did so,” he whispered into her ear as he adjusted himself pressing against her frame, “which is why you will be willingly screaming my name as you come.”

Mara rolled her eyes, “Fat chance of that happening, now let me go.”

He lifted a lock of her hair and pressed it to his nose, “This is no longer about the sex, you know, or the heir.”

Groaning in annoyance and frustration she tried to free herself of the bonds holding her arms in place. Finding that to be impossible against a Sith of his skill, she considered more manual tactical moves, such as kicking him where it hurts.

“I begged him, you know,” the blonde man continued, letting her hair fall and gathering it off her neck, the tips of his fingers lightly brushing against her skin. “I begged our master on my knees to give you to me.”

“Did you now?” she asked, ignoring the shock of pleasure his flesh brought to hers as he ran his digits across her neck and shoulders. It had to be an illusion.

“He refused!” the man growled, gathering her hair and piling on top of her head, she could feel his hot breath on her neck. “He said he could ask anything of you, but this. He’s our master, there should be no limits!”

“He is your Sith master,” Mara clarified, never having been this close to the man and hating the way it felt so good to have his body pressed against hers, “but he is simply my Emperor.”

“Don’t you want to be a Sith?” he brushed his lips over the nap of her neck.

Mara swallowed hard, every time his flesh touched hers it burned but in a most pleasurable way. “I’m happy as I am.”

“Are you now?” he asked as he traced his way down her spine, his hands gently cupping her buttocks before resting them on her hips.

“Yes,” Mara said breathlessly before shaking her head violently. “Whatever trick you’re pulling on me, stop it. It’s still considered rape.”

He chuckled, “The only Force I’m using is what is keeping your hands in place.”

She was sure he was lying, but she stretched out with all her Force senses to check both where the Force was being centred and if he was being deceitful, and even he would not be able to cover up it all as this was one area where her skills surpassed his own.

“I told you,” he laid his head against her, “this is more than about the sex now.”

Sex was definitely involved as she could feel his hardened member pressing against her rear through their layers of clothing. “Then what?”

“The vision won’t go away,” he started to sound lost, “it assaults me even as I wake.”

“So?” she didn’t want to care, didn’t want to feel, but damn he was making it so difficult.

“In it, we’re happy, Mara,” he said wistfully, “truly happy, like a family is meant to be.”

Her brow furrowed as she tried to understand it all. “But what about our Master? About the Empire?”

“Doesn’t matter,” his hands went from her hips and wrapped around her stomach, one reaching up across her chest, her nipples hardening at the contact, “because we’re a family…”

The bonds around Mara’s wrists faded and her arms fell to her sides as they disappeared completely. Her hair tumbled down and she felt him nuzzling her neck through the curls. There was something there, between them, even though she wanted to deny it. She didn’t want to be physically attracted to him… and now all this talk about family?

“My lord…” she finally asked.

“Yes?” he mumbled against her.

“What is your name? Your given name?”

There was a silence, then, “I haven’t gone by it for a long time.”

She turned, expecting to see deception or thrill at defeating her barriers, but all she saw were gentle blue eyes, the yellow washed away. Reaching up she laid her hand on his cheek, a definite spark there as if their flesh could merge into one if she kept her hand there too long. “Tell me.”

A smile tugged at his lips, “Luke, my name is Luke.”

“Luke,” saying the name brought a rare smile to her lips.

His hand reached up to mimic hers, touching her cheek and sending spikes of desire to places she didn’t even know existed. “May I kiss you?”

It might not be the Force, but he definitely had a spell over her. Her mouth went dry before she could quietly answer, “Yes.”

At first it was only a brush, a light tasting of what was to be offered, and a light moan escaped from one of them though they would never know who. His arms still wrapped around her he pulled her closer and pressed his lips fully to her own, fires blazing through her blood.

“This is meant,” he mumbled against her lips as he captured her lower lip and tugged on it gently, eliciting a groan from her depths, “deny it, if you can.”

Slightly incoherent at this point, she shook her head then attacked his neck, loving the feeling of his guttural moaning rumbling through him. Why had she tried to deny this before?

“Let me make love to you,” he pleaded, “please! I need you.”

“Yes,” she gasped, the full scope of saying that word not really reaching her brain through her overwhelming desire.

He needed no other prompting and grabbed her up, one hand cupping her rear and supporting her against his body. Not needing prompting herself, she wrapped her legs around him and continued her assault on his neck, face and lips.

She hadn’t realized they had reached the bedroom until she felt herself being lowered onto a soft surface. He placed her on his bed reverently and gazed at her longingly. Blushing at the intensity of his stare, she looked away, groaning when she felt his hands upon her again.

Slowly the zipper of her jumpsuit slid down under his careful stroke. She only wore a thin sleeveless tunic underneath and her swelling breasts fought against its restraints, just as she could see him having his own issues with engorging parts of his anatomy.

He made no move to relieve himself of the pressure, but instead kept slowly and gently divesting her of her clothing. Boots and socks tossed aside, she shimmed out of the jumpsuit as he tugged it off. Her tunic came next, her nipples so hard they hurt as they stretched up for him, begging to be touched.

Ignoring her breasts, he moved down to slowly remove her shorts, the last of her clothing. It was a rare moment when she was shy, and this was one of them. Still standing at her side, he gazed at her. “Beautiful.”

One knee landing on the bed, he crawled up next to her, his hands sliding up her naked form. As his lips latched on to hers, his hands finally grasped at her rosy orbs of flesh, squeezing them, tweaking the nipples.

“You’re holding back,” she accused.

His eyes flashed, “I’m not known as a gentle lover, true.”

“So why now?” she wasn’t sure what to think.

He gently caressed her cheek. “You are special.”

She blushed again, but resolved herself, “If you want me, I want all of you, Luke.”

Closing his eyes, he visibly swallowed hard, “Do you know what you ask?”

“I do,” she answered firmly.

When he opened his eyes, they had darkened lustfully, but the yellow was still receded. “So be it.”

He pounced, straddling her form and sucking in one hard pearl, nipping at it while his hand kneaded the other. Groaning out she ran her hand through his locks and tugged, giving and receiving pain and pleasures.

As he switched breasts, giving one last bite before moving on, his hand snaked down her body and he pressed his palm against her mound. She yelled out and he pressed harder in an evil taunt of her sex. One finger ran up the seam and she pushed against it.

“Soon,” he gave a throaty laugh and she shivered with desire. “You get everything I have.”

Lips and hands and tongue ravished her body from collarbone to ankle as he left no sensitive area untouched. She was sure her nails had ripped holes in the sheets as she squirmed in wanton sexual bliss, being suckled, kissed and bit in ways she didn’t believe could be so erotic.

“Now,” he levelled his gaze on her, “I bet you are all nice and juicy down there.”

Mara’s breath caught, knowing what he was alluding to but never actually having experienced it before, but then this was a whole night of new experiences. “You know I am.”

His eyes flashed again and with a grin on his face he lowered himself to settle between her knees. She watched every movement until his tongue darted out to run up her sex. Moaning, her head rolled back and she let him have his way with her.

First it was just his tongue, moving in and dancing across her hardened nub, teasing her to no end. Then there was nibbling and skilful digits parting her but not pushing in, more teasing that drove her mad to the point of screaming. “Damn you, Vespesian!”

“Too late,” he chuckled as he pulled away from her, slowly moving up her body, kissing and nipping as he does.

Their lips came together again and the spark of energy that was between them had yet to fade even the tiniest bit. His body shifted and nudged her legs farther apart as he bit at her collarbone, suckling the skin. Now was the time, so she clenched her teeth and took a deep breath.

Grunting, his hips surged forward, her slick sex giving easily until he met the resistance, breaking through before it registered. She screamed as the pain shot through her and dug her nails into his back as she gripped him.

“Oh… gods…” she heard the tremble in his voice, even a trace of fear, “why didn’t you tell me?”

“I…” she fought her way through the haze of pain that was slowly dissipating. “I was afraid.”

“Afraid,” she felt his hand gently brush away a tear that had escaped, “why?”

“I was afraid you wouldn’t be yourself with me,” she opened her eyes and met his crystal ones.

“Oh, Mara,” he whispered and kissed her gently, even perhaps lovingly.

Simple kisses turned passionate once again, and with her urging he started to move within her, the pain and burning drowned out by the pleasure of his engorged shaft stroking her intimately.

It wasn’t enough, his gentle caresses, and soon she had him convinced of her sincerity in the matter and he began to ride her wildly, her legs wrapping around his hips and riding him back. He had been right, she was screaming his name as she came under his onslaught, her complete body trembling and her nails digging so deep into the flesh of his back she must have drawn blood.

His body abruptly stilled as he buried himself into her as deep as he could, his seed pouring inside her in a very long release. He shuddered breathless, meeting her gaze, “Gods it’s never felt that good.”

With those words he collapsed like jelly, and she knew the feeling, every part of her body numb, but exquisitely so.


In the middle of the night, Vespesian, no, Luke, woke up snuggled against a warm body. She glowed beautifully still, her hair clinging to her body.

Oh how he had wanted her, even before the visions started. How he had dreamed of burying himself away in her creaminess simply because she was unattainable.

But now… something had changed within both of them.

When he realized what he had taken from her, he was horrified. He cared deeply what it meant to her and what it did to her. Caring, he wasn’t supposed to care anymore.

As for Mara, she felt, for the first time, truly felt and allowed herself that passion and loss of control normally locked away under her steely composure.

Wrapping his arms around her he held her protectively close. Concubines were to be tossed aside when used… Mara he was keeping as long as he dared.


Tremors in the Force had awakened the Emperor, but by the time he realized what had happened, it was too late.

His wily apprenticed had impregnated her, that he was sure of. She was beyond fertile and would bear strong children. This is why all compassion and warmth had been beaten out of her, or so he thought.

This was dangerous and could destroy him.

He wasn’t going to let that happen, he had fought too long and hard to get to where he was, too much sacrificed in order insure his place as ruler of the galaxy and forcing the peace upon its peoples.

Something would have to be done. He would not let another woman try to destroy him, not as Padme had done.

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Wrapping his arms around her he held her protectively close. Concubines were to be tossed aside when used… Mara he was keeping as long as he dared.

Ah, yet another fic that you need to expand, lady!

Love the hawt dark!Luke! Cold Shower!

"Star Wars is epic and epic things must occur."
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A superb fic! Cold Shower! I agree with Trace, this fic definantly needs expanding on! And the Sith Lord name for Luke sounds very familiar to me too, hmmm.
Great work with these characters yet again! The ending was rather poigniant too, Vaders thoughts on Padme Twisted Evil

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Trace - dark!luke is always hot Very Happy Razz and I might expand this... don't really have a full idea for it... but i'm sure L/M will have loads of fun in it! Wink

Blue - I wish I could remember who's fic I borrowed that from!! It was an awesome story too! argh! Bang Head On Wall

And are you sure that was Vader? Whistles

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